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New Desktops!


A couple of new desktops have been added to the T-Gallery!


That cube is wicked. Looks like a cross between the Death Star and that thing in Hellraiser III. Awesome!

i believe that the cube is supposed to be a borg cube from Star Trek. yes i am a nerd.

I am unaware of where these desktops come from, but I’ll throw out a request:

Would it be possible to obtain a wallpaper comprised of the Red Kat head? It really is a sweet design… Something simple, such as the red silhouette on a black background, or even a small silhouette in corner on the right side.

It seems that none of the other wallpapers focus on a product, but perhaps exceptions could be made because it just looks cool.


Yes, Red Kat head for a desktop. I think my wife would also like it as a baby T.

Dave2 had a good idea with creating a Hellraiser desktop.

Hey, maybe more movie themes, like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Predator, Alien, probably not Harry Potter though.

Agreed. RED KAT logo is very slick.

Still love my Fight Club-like T-Nation background the best though!