New Deadlift WR

Krzysztof Wierzbicki, 432.5kg.

It was a deadlift-only meet, but this beats Cailer Woolam’s WR. Only Yury Belkin’s jumbo plates plus SHWs Benedikt Magnusson and Andy Bolton (who I’m pretty sure was multi-ply) beat this.


Someone get WADA on this boi ASAP.

It’s was pretty cool to see him training into this one. Normally he has a top down mixed grip set up with near no time at the bottom but he had to switch up all that and his grip style and belt use for this one.

Makes me want lotsa IPF lifters to go full untested to see how far things can be pushed

I was tired last night when I found that, I didn’t even notice he wasn’t wearing a belt.

How have you been following his training? His Instagram page is now private and he hardly posts anything on Facebook anymore, I was wondering what the hell happened to him. PLWatch had a link to a video of him pulling over 900 recently, but that’s the only thing I have seen from him in months.

I wonder if he’s still going to compete in the IPF or what. He said before that his goal was to beat Ed Coan’s 901 deadlift at 220, with a stiff bar, full meet, and 2 hour weigh in. The IPF sucks, but I can see why he wants to break that record under the same conditions.

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Looking at Kelly Branton’s piss test results, maybe not much further.


I’ve followed him before he went private I think. I was wondering why he seemed to be training dl only noodle bar etc. I think this was an unsanctioned meet so not like he is IPF blacklisted or anything. He may well come back sooner or later and take that record after a PED holiday lol

He is not officially on the dark side is he? Like John Haack? He still seems to be an IPF postedboy, given that his picture is on their landing page.

Regardless, awesome deadlifter! With all these crazy deadlifts over the years, I am surprised that benni’s record still stands. Noodle bar (lol btw), thick plates, straps and suits and what not, still appear to be accounting for a lot.

Are you sure? I was under the impression it was a WRPF meet.

It only turns into a noodle when you put enough weight on it.

Nah I’m just joking-ish lol

He is top of the pack in a heavy-ish weight class, comes in lean and when he fancies can push untested WRs against juicy genetic freaks like Woolam. Not on the IPFs Random Testing Pool (like out of comp anytime/anywhere random testing) and i wouldn’t be surprised if Poland Powerlifting or whatever doesn’t have the most rigorous testing.

Could be natty just super far on the stronger end of the bell curve but just going by possibilities. It’s up to you whether or not a lifter gets the benefit of the doubt. I did a thread on Kelly Branton getting popped recently. I was a little surprised I thought he just had superheavyweight powers but I was a bit naive

Can’t read polish lol but whatever it says here.

Some comments by openpowerlifting are also implying its unsanctioned:

For openpowerlifting we have a few requirements to include results for an unsanctioned meet:

Firstly, that meet promoters either contacted us beforehand about tracking the results and/or a notable lift/total occurred at that meet.

Secondly (and most importantly) the rules and quality of the judging at the meet is such that this could have been a meet in a major federation with a reputation for good judging.

This meet satisfies condition 1, due to Wierzbicki’s deadlift and seems to satisfy condition 2 as the judging looks to be of a high standard and the rules seems to have been standard for the deadlifts(no straps,hitching, proper lockouts etc

Seems like nobody is in that. This guy hold multiple world records already, what more do you need to do to get on the list?

The way things look nowadays I hesitate to believe that any elite lifter is natural. But Wierzbicki hasn’t made any incredible gains at any one time, he just gradually improves. The ones you really have to wonder about is when they add 50-100lbs to their squat in a few months like Amanda Lawrence. That kind of progress doesn’t make sense. And then fall way short of all training PRs at the (drug tested) meet.

I believe you are right about it being an unsanctioned meet. I actually speak a bit of Polish (can barely read though) and the fact that they were speaking some non-Polish Slavic language combined with the Cyrillic text and it being on the WRPF page threw me off. The meet was actually in the Czech Republic, and from what I can decipher on the site there is no mention of any other PL federation.

Maybe he has maxed almost everything or at least within still passing tests. Maybe if he went on at some point there’d be a sudden bump then (given the long lifting career I dunno) or kept upping the dose for progress but I haven’t been tracking him long or well enough to tell.

Amanda Lawrence is an incredible lifter for sure but that massive sustained burst of progress all the way to WR levels and beyond is a bit shifty. For what it’s worth the story she claims is a massive weight cut I guess preceded by a big bulk during that phase of gains.

Haha who would’ve thought is speaking Eastern European languages the secret to gains

To be honest, I’m kind of getting tired of all this steroid talk. It’s like drugs are taking over my life and I don’t even use them. Anyone who competes at an international level in the IPF is a suspect, just like anyone in the Olympics (and weightlifting in particular).

I can’t remember what the numbers were, but when I first heard of Amanda Lawrence she was already lifting some unbelievable weights for a girl (and most men too). Over the next few months she must have put close to 100lbs on her squat, no amount of bulking in such a short time can explain that. She would set a new 1rm and then squat if for a triple a few weeks later.

Don’t forget the vodka and potatoes.


Fair. Each to their own and athletes gon athlete.

Da comrade

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No high level professional athletes is 100% legit. Everyone breaks the rules.

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That’s kind of ridiculous to say…


Maybe it’s a bit strong - but I’m under no illusions. Professional athletes will do anything to win. From cheat and take banned substances right through to manipulate medical exemptions and use drugs for “non labeled” positive side effects. And their bosses need the performances to keep the team/club a float /funded.
Its just a fact.

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Rules are there to be bent

Well according to the naive 15 year olds on reddit, Amanda Lawrence is completely natty. Nothing but organic chicken breasts, 8 hours of sleep and telling yourself your dedicated.

Genetics or not, no female was put on this earth to lift like that natty. I dont care what your training and nutrition program is.

But the IPF needs the views and popularity, they need her as a poster girl for the federation. You would be whack to pop her, or most of your top athletes for that matter.

No one is watching the IPF worlds for those that come last, they want to see those coming 1st.