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New Deadlift PR


All the info is in the video... hope you guys like it! I done it a few hours ago. It's nothing compared to about 90% of the guys on here, but for my age i think im doing alright.

Any critiques?


Great job! Congrats on the PR!

You didn't waste much time at the bottom either; as soon as you were down there, you exploded right up.

Looks like you had some more in the tank too.


That is extremely good work for someone your age and weight. You should be proud.

You potentially have some form issues (you squat down, raise your hips, and then start to do the lift almost exclusively with your lower back - like you're bending over to pick something up), but since it's a max effort, it's not really fair to pick apart form.


For those wondering... my other lifts are "up to par" as well... my max bench is somewhere around 275 and i can squat (A2G) around 350. I basically never do my max, so sorry, no videos.


You had alot more than 405 man.

Last time I maxed i basicaly went into shock half way up and started shakeing like a twig.

I would say your good for 430.


Shit.. I thought it was good.

My pull starts at about the same position he is in when his hands first touch the bar.

Deisel weisel would probably make fun of my form...


I thought you could have done more weight. You made it look easy.

Freakin' good job, though.


Thanks alot guys. Some of you are probably right, i may have been able to get more weight... but i would rather say i did and not rather than be carried out of the gym :slight_smile:

I agree, my form was a little bit off, it's not usually an issue. Glad you noticed though, next time I deadlift I will get someone who knows what they are talking about to look at my form.

Thanks again guys, this site is a great motivator.


That's was pretty sick. I guess it's ok for me to post my 405 Deadlift when I do it in two weeks. Hope you don't mind me posting it on this thread do ya?


Fine with me.


Not bad. I'm your age and have pretty comparable stats- I can pull 420 but I also weigh about 220.

I find it kind of entertaining (and this is probably true for you too) that I'm considered "huge" amongst my peers but am not even close to earning that designation on T-Nation.


I'm 220 and I know I'm not huge. Big, but not huge. I think you have to be 260 or a ripped 240 to get that moniker.


I always thought you were older...


I do get that alot. I was 200 there for a while until i cut as little bit for the summer, but im still basically the same size. I find it hillarious...


Looks like you could use that weight for reps -- keep up the good work!


You are doing great. At 16 you are already stronger than 99% of the population. Although I am only judging from your weight and what I saw in the video, you also looked reasonably lean.

I would suggest getting into some organized High School athletics. You may already be doing that, but you have a good strength foundation to be successful and potentially do well enough to get a college scholarship.

With your strength if you develop the sports specific skills to go along with it you could be successful on the field. Keep up the good work.


Great weight for 16 :open_mouth: I'm 17 and pull 420. I have some form problems with heavy pulls too, but EC's new Mastering the Deadlift articles have done a good job of telling me what to work on. I think you would benefit from glute activation work. Prone bridges before you do anything and some cable pull throughs would be great.

If you "teach" yourself how to use your glutes you'll have a better lockout and won't have to rely so much on your lower back for the majority of the motion. Check out the articles if you haven't already!


what's your max without the belt


you're doing better than alright considering your age... don't slack off now!


I just hope there's no new douchebag trend of calling 405 the new 315, or I'll murder someone.