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New Deadlift PR


I had to use wrist straps for it, but I managed to pull 275 for 5 reps this morning.


22 Years Old

After my four warmup sets, I started the workout with 190, then 210, 230 and 250, all for 5 reps.



Nice work.

You could progress faster if you added some doubles after 5rm, or singles after 3rm.


What was your previous PR?


I second this. I'm like your twin dude. 175, 22yo, etc. But by DL went up fast when i pulled triples (10x3) and doubles ME style. Try and get double your body weight. It's a fun goal. then hit 400. But tog et there I suggest the 2's and 3's.


To get your deadlift up pull max singles all the time for different exercise. Reverse band deadlift, rack pulls, pulls off 4" box, regular conventoinal pulls, deadlift against bands.

Pull for a max every other week and your deadlift will go up.

From late october to late january my deadlift went from 315 to 500 at about 170 bodyweight by doing this.


Try and start working towards eliminating the wraps as well. Sometimes on heavy triples I'll have to regrip after two reps. I personally don't know how you use them to deadlift. It completely ruins my approach to the pull having my hands glued to the bar :slightly_smiling:

Good luck and good job!


Thanks all for the suggestions. Definetly helpful.

Last time I actually could deadlift with regularity I was 210lbs, and my max was 420 for 1, also with straps. I decided to drop weight to help with back problems (not caused by deadlifts, but a series of problems I've had over the years) and to allow me to practice karate with more regularity.


Generally speaking, the wraps stay off. Being in karate, it's very important for me to have as much grip strength as possible, and deadlifting grip-naked definetly helps with that.


I used to wear straps for deadlift, but by using reverse grip (or whatever it's called) I could toss the straps aside. What grip are you using?


Loose the straps, strengthen your grip, because if you ever want to do a meet, you can use straps.

5 reps sets are going to be very taxing to your CNS, you probably dont think that it will happen but it will.

Try using a 1 rep porgram because you are never training the negative, unlike squats,bench. Also read up on "speed" or "dynamic" days, thats light and fast as hell, the next time you go to lift big weight-schwing- the weight blows off the ground.

I also recommend rack pulls inside a squat rack, this will allow you to work your grip safely and feel heavier weight.

Also do extended range of motion DL, like standing on 45lb plates, that 2 inch difference will make a normal DL seem high. mix in sumo or conv to switch it up.

Good job on the progress, and if you train in a public gym, make sure to drop the weights LOUDLY, afterall we are powerlifters and need to have attention.


Nice Job, keep it up. Regarding the getting rid of the straps, it is a good idea. Do you use an alternated grip when you go heavy? Also using chalk (found at most Sports Authorities or Inzer.com) makes a huge difference with heavy weight. Good luck with the deadlifting!


Standard grip. I have a developmental abnormality with my left arm - the radius and ulna aren't exactly close to parallel; the kind of twist at the origin, then straighten out halfway up my forearm.

Oh, I should clarify - I only used the straps on my set of 275. That was after two grip resettings, trying to get the weight past my knees.


Thanks for the tips!

Right now, I lift twice weekly, Monday and Thursday. I'm in a slow bulking cycle, and for me, running a 5x5 and a 4x8 day for my lifting contributes the most without aggravating certain problems I have. I have gone through two Westside programs before when I was focused more on my maximal strength than my karate training, and they made a HUGE difference in my lifting ability.