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New Deadlift PR!


I've been deadlifting for about 1.5 yrs now; I first started with under 95 lbs. Today I hit 265lbs (I weigh 177); while this may not be much for many, I'm proud of it and hope to see 400 on the bar soon :slight_smile: Just thought I'd share.


That's fantastic! Congratulations on your hard work paying off.


Every PR is a good PR! Keep digging...


well done!



keep up the progress, i also weigh 177 and its not easy deadlifting alot of weight when you don't weigh much. Anthing over double your weight is pretty impressive, shoot for that.

good luck!


Keep up the good work!! when I started deadlifting 3 years ago I was doing about 110 lbs and from consistent deadlifting, squating, a pretty stable meal plan I'm deadlifting 535lbs x 1 It's boosted my bench, squats and over all body proportion, keep it going!


I'd say that is outstanding!! Way to go. If I DL nearly twice my weight I'd be proud too. You'll be setting a new PR soon. Good Luck!!!


Was that a 1RM?

And good work dude. Keep them coming!


All right man! I'm going to give you the program that got me deadlifting 405lbs at 180lbs when I was in high school.

Deadlift once a week, strictly.
Pick a day where you have 2 days rest before or after a leg and back day...


Perform 8-10x1-3


Yea it was a 1rm. I could have pulled 2-3 if it wasn't for my lack of grip strength; my hands gave out after one. Wrist straps are an option I suppose, but I'm mixed on the idea. I wouldn't want to miss out on forearm development.

I have to say though, of all the lifts the deadlift is my favorite. Anyone know of a good maximal strength d/l routine? I've been pondering trying 8x3 or something along those lines.

Thanks for the kind words


Sounds good. Do you keep the reps constant and use the same workweight for all sets or drop reps as weight increases?


If you decide on that schedule, I would do this. On your "back day" do speed deadlifts with about 70% of your 1 rm use an over hand grip and this will strengthen your grip. Do 6x1 first week 6x2 second week 6x3 third week until you get to 6x6 then start over only add 10lbs.

On your deadlift day do some max effort work. Work up to a 3 rep max then do single leg work. Bulgarian split squats, step ups, or lunges. I would bet that this would help you bring your deads up. I don't know what your workouts look like now but it is usually the basic things that really help.

If you want to add mass eat your ass off! Then drink milk half an hour later and eat pop tarts later. David Barr suggests the pop tarts and Randall J Strossen suggests the milk. It works.


Nope, about every 2 sets increase weight (i used to do 20lbs every 2 sets it got my deadlift up fast), it should work good for you.

About a year after I did this routine I actually read it in Franco Columbo's book, only he had a light day and a heavy day
(where he'd max out every set like I did). However, I only do one day (periodically).


good words man