New Deadlift PR!

Last week I pulled 465 and it went slow. This week I attempted 475 and it was slow as well. But I just maintained form and kept pulling until I locked that bitch out! Not world class by any means but my short term goal to bwtx2 and I’m closing in fast! That is all. Back to the informative and/or entertaining posts.

Congrats on the pull. Next stop, 10 plates.


Good job!

Yeh nice one.

Bet that would look impressive but as Brian said 10 plates would be a great look!

Excellent work and you will be over 500lbs in no time.

Mike Mahler

get on over to diablo quick… you’ll hit 500 in no time.

what is diablo?

10lbs is 10lbs. Great job.

yo greek, diablo is a powerlifting gym in concord ca.


About 3 months back I decided that I wanted to get my deadlift above 500. Like you, I pulled 475 the other day with good form but it was a little slow and a little ugly. I feel like I’m pretty close as do you and hitting those PR’s is awesome. I work out at a “Y” so its somewhat of a family oriented place and you never see anyone lifting any weight really. 475 for a deadlift isn’t exactly a huge amount of weight when you consider what competition powerlifting would entail, but I still love watching people cringe when I pull the bar off the rack to slowly set it on the floor for my lift. >:)

At my gym as soon as you have 4 plates on each side of the bar for any exercise people start staring; even though my eventual goal is 600 and I would think that is very respectable, 405 at this joint is “scary”. If they only knew.

Good luck on your quest for 500!!


I know what you mean. I used to lift at an “athletic club”. You know where you’re lifting next to grandma doing kickbacks in the squat rack next to you while Kenny G is playing over the stereo. The first time I squatted over four plates on each side I’d swear I was at a powerlifting meet. People coming from every corner of the gym to tell me how they’ll kill my knees and they’d squat too if it wasn’t for their back and blah, blah, blah. That’s why I bit the bullet and bought a home gym. I only bought 500lbs. of weights so hopefully by next month I’ll need to buy more!