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New Data On Losing Love Handles?


I'm really reaching for something other then time and patience here =) I know you cant spot reduce and I know my body fat is at around 12 - 13% and most say wait till 5 - 8 % body fat before you start to see them disappear but I just gotta ask again!

Love Handles anyone have any new ways to get rid of these? I ask now because when I search on the subject most articles are a year or more old. I see some say Yohimbe is a supplement that might help. Is there anything new I can try? This is so freegin frustrating!! Any help would be greatly appreciated if not I will stick to my diet, cardio and workouts and hope for the best. I was just wondering if adding something like example.. (Hydroxycut or something like it) would be beneficial for me to add to my plan. Thanks guys!


HOT-ROX.....Maximum Strength HOT-ROX.

Other than that, we don't know what you have already done (training, diet, etc), so we can't really give you advice on changes to make. I based the HOT-ROX response on your asking about Hydroxycut. Don't waste your money.

Eat Clean, Train Hard, and add some "smart" supplementation.
If you haven't tried it already, I had success with the "Velocity Diet". Use the search engine on this site to find the links to the articles on the V-Diet. The originals are all located in Chris Shugart's blogs, but there are a few threads from the Velocity Diet support groups that are helpful. From your low teen range of bf%, you should easily get in the single digits with the Velocity Diet.

Good Luck!


Have you ever heard of HOT-ROX? It's a favorite among us forumnites.

And to be honest I don't think HOT-ROX is quite as powerful as the old ephedrine/caffeine combo. I've compared the two head to head and I lost more weight when using ephedrine/caffeine (extra lb a week) (mainly b/c I ended up eating 500 kcal/day less so in reality they both have about the same effect on my metabolism). But HOT-ROX allows you to keep your mindset and stay on a diet.

Also I've noticed that I don't generally lose strength (though I don't gain) when I use it to cut. I think it's main power is that it gives you the proper motivation and suppresses your appetite to the point that staying on a diet is easy. Not to mention that you don't get all jittery and what not.

Also if you want to get your fat down try something new! E.G. Try HIIT (intervals) instead of cardio or a new workout; etc. Instead of boring cardio find some nymphomaniac and have sex 20x a day. See how it goes.


The Velocity Diet works wonders. I think I'm about the only person to be doing it a second time so it's definetly worth a shot! You can see daily changes in the mirror when you do it!