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New Danzig Album

For those of you out there who may be fans of Danzigs I through IV, but were turned off by his more recent albums, I think you should definitely give his latest effort Deth Red Sabaoth a listen. It has more in common with those early records than it does anything he’s done since, and his voice seems to be back to its old form.

You can hear the entire record for a while on this AOL Full CD Listening Party site:


When that gets taken down, you should still be able to hear the full version of On a Wicked Night here:

And of course, samples from each song are accessible on Amazon.

I’ve been playing the album for a week now and I think you will dig it. Danzig’s music has always been good for training to.

Some standouts to me are:

Left Hand Rise Above
Rebel Spirits
On a Wicked Night
Deth Red Moon
Pyre of Souls (both parts)

But really, they’re all good. Also, check out Ju Ju Bone if you’re an Elvis fan. You’ll get a kick out of it.

Good shit. Thanks.