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New Dad. How to Deal with Little Sleep? Training Adjustments?

Dear @Christian_Thibaudeau,

Two weeks ago a became a first time dad. A wonderful experiance I have to say! The downside though is the sleeping as of late which in turn makes me low on energy and have less vigor to train. As you mentioned here and there… you became a father too not to long ago. How did you cope with the little sleep? Are neural charge workouts something you would advise? One a side note: I’m just like you a neurotype 2a. Thanks in advance!!!

I think you should focus on the maintenance; shorter session maybe 25-30 mins, up to 3 times a week if possible with the baby. Eat well and try to get the more sleep you can…

First of all congrats! I had Jayden 7 months ago. From my experience so far I can tell you that in those frist 2-3 months I had to dramatically decrease my training. Hitting 30 minute sessions 3-5 times a week depending on sleep… very similar to “the best damn program for natural lifters”.

I was lucky though, Jayden started sleeping throughout the night (from 6:30pm to 5:30am) when he was a bit over 3 months old so sleep is not an issue anymore and I was able to remp my training back up.

Yeah the first month you feel like you will never find the time or get a good schedule going! Then the little one gets a bit more consistent and predictable and it gets much easier.

You, sir, are not making friends!


Thanks for the reply @Christian_Thibaudeau ! My son is 6 weeks old today and the sleep is still a bit of a struggle. My wife is such a sweetheart to allow me to sleep in the attic most of the nights. There is really not much I can do at night, so for me to get some sleep and be more helpful throughout the day is more important. My wife can tolerate little sleep much better than I do. If she gets three hours of sleep four days in a row she is fine, if I get one night of seven instead of eight plus I’m a total wreck. Funny how these things work.

Since my sleep is way better at the moment I try to do one or two crossfit sessions per week. Next to that I do some sessions in my home gym. That’s just some easy skills, blood flow, mind-muscle connection, mobility work… anything I feel like that moment. Pretty much what I did the last couple of weeks (minus the crossfit). I will look into the “best damn program for naturel lifters” program. That might be of use when there is a little brother or sister on the way.

crossfit sessions mixed with lack of sleep, you don’t help yourself

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I only re-introduced crossfit after my sleep was back to (sort of) normal. Like I said, I only started with just doing stuff that felt right at that time. Otherwise it would have killed me, haha! So I’m pretty safe right now. :wink:

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I guess everyone is different but personally when in periods of stress/low sleep etc I avoid very intense things like Crossfit or pure strength and do more bodybuilding/pump stuff.

First of all congrats! I’m a proud father of two kids myself and this is a very rough period when it comes to sleep. I think your approach of a few short but sweet session a week is going to be ideal for the next couple of months, not only because you are drained of energy anyways (although keeping active I feel helps with that to a degree) but also because this time with your young one will go by quicker than you can imagine (despite at times it feeling you have been in a permanent sleep deprived state for years lol). I will say though as an aside that from a relationship standpoint I’d recommend you give as much “baby-free” time to your wife as she gives you to go to the gym and it will go a long way towards a happy household. I’ll end this with a hilarious video that I’m sure you and your wife will enjoy and relate to

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Thanks for the kind words! I think that energy levels wont be back to normal in quite some time. So the best option is to do things smart and enjoy the most of it. :smiley: