New D-Tap Today!

Don’t be this guy! Tune in later today instead for a spanking new T-Radio audio interview with T-Nation contributor <a href=“"target="new”>Mike Robertson!

Topics: Stretching (type & timing) and technique cues for the big three lifts.

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THANKS!!! YOU SHOULD WARN A FELLA about picks like that…I almost puked up my dinner.

Everybody’s gotta have their poke at the injured guy, eh?

Stay strong

cool… . I look forward to this interview… . exactly the kind of info I need atm. …

yea- I look forward to hearing what mike has to say.

that pic is so messed up…

[quote]BlaZe wrote:
that pic is so messed up…[/quote]

I think it’s a new form of loaded stretching. :wink:

Glad to hear the D-Tap is on the way, Coach!!

All -

Be sure to leave any questions you might have here (or on a Prime Time thread next week), and I’ll be sure to get to them!

Stay strong

waiting… taps foot impatiently


looking forward to hearing the interview

I just can’t resist turning this into a “Beat our Caption.”

Despite initial doubts, the weighted limbo turned out to be a fun party game after all – for the people watching.

OK, what in the hell were the spotters doing? Checking out some cute chick in the audience only to look after hearing a barely audible “heeeelp meeeee…”?

New Audio Interview Up!

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