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New Cypionate Protocol

So after chatting with my Dr, he is switching me from Test Enanthate to Testosterone Cypionate.

He’s bumping me from 75mg to 120mg a week split between 4 doses instead of every 3.5 days previously.

I have a few questions, I didn’t ask him but everyone on here seems to clued up, I’m not sure how to tag people but would like some advice from all the regulars on here, especially guys with very low SHBG like myself, I’m 13nmol/l.

120mg seems a very big dose, I noticed previously when I was on a big dose Test E and in general when my levels are high I experience bloat and actually feel a bit fat, have some mild insomnia, low libido and the opposite of how I imagine testosterone is supposed to make you feel.

I noticed I felt better when my TT was in the 4 to 500’s total as it still has my FT pretty good and near top of range.

Am I right in saying that because I’m low shbg then I would do better on lower levels?

Should I start off slow with cypionate this time round and say do 20mg every other day for 6 weeks and test?

I have had short periods on TRT when I really felt how testosterone is supposed to make you feel but it feels like chasing the dragon sometimes, libido is the main thing for me and what I really want to achieve through TRT, I recently dropped HCG to like 75iu once every 9 days to just keep my testicles hanging etc and have to say feel better off the HCG.

Any guys with low shbg and feel better with lower levels?

Also any ideas on how I should attempt my new regime? Thinking of it’s every other day injections then I might feel better off the testosterone and won’t excrete the testosterone as quickly, if I’m right in saying once the testosterone is cleaved from the Ester then low shbg guys then excrete it pretty quickly.

Anyone notice any mark able difference between bi weekly injections to say every other day or every day?

Really want to get this TRT thing right and start feeling good consistently, even dropping the HCG was a massive step for me as I always felt you had to have testicles function to feel good.

Appreciate all your help guys and it’s a fantastic place on here for proper, balanced knowledge.

How long have you been on enenthate? Thats a tiny dose friend, I highly doubt you’ll feel good on it. Most men feel better on 175 to 200 starting off. 125 and lower is a rare dose. So is above 200 on here.

As usual, shitty advice.

He’s got LOW shbg. MANY people in his shoes feel better on lower doses. HE even states that.

Stop trying to force guys to over due test when they shouldn’t.




I too have lowish shbg. Many men report feeling better with lower doses, not high. Other men, generally with normal or higher shbg feel better with doses higher. But you’re not them.

Why don’t you start with something like 80mg per week split twice… or 100mg per week split twice? That may even be too much to get you into that range you feel best at.

Just take 40mg 3x a week. Monday Wednesday Friday. That’s easy to remember.

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Too much.

He wants levels closer to 400-500 TT.

20mg eod may end up being too low. I tried that for a little bit and it was noticeable. Ideally you would try something like 15/d which puts you at 105/w, which may end up being Goldilocks for you. You’ll have to experiment.

OK, I don’t know if this will help, but I’ll try.

Below is an example of a guy with low SHBG. He takes 200mg once a week and has been for years. He is doing great.


If I picked 50 files I might have one guy below 150mg/week, and that would be 140mg. I’d have to look at 300-400 to get a guy taking 100mg.

I have not seen even a correlation with SHBG, dosing and levels. About all I can say is when I see high SHBG levels, I know we’ll have to run total test up there to get decent free test levels. I have low SHBG patients injecting once a week, and those doing twice. I have high SHBG guys injecting once, and twice, a week.

There are, of course, individual results. However, in general, I’d say 98% are taking 150mg or more, and 80% take 180mg or more. Probably 85%, or more, inject once weekly.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with experimenting. I’ve done some of that myself. Some seem very sensitive to testosterone one way or another.


Not sure why no one is really reading his thread in total.

He flat out says he feels best with TT 400-500. 200mg test a week will not get him there. He needs a LOW dose.

40mg twice a week is my thought. Maybe lower. You’ll need to see how you feel.

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Appreciate all the insight and responses guys!

I feel like I’ve been experimenting for ages now, I really want to feel good and just consistent, I’m starting new protocol next week with cypionate so not sure what the best protocol would be.

I was under the impression guys with low shbg don’t feel good with a lot of excess androgens floating around? And free estrogen too.

I might try Monday, Wednesday and Friday maybe 30mg each shot? See where that gets me and how I feel.

When I say I feel better at lower levels I think perhaps it may have been the HCG all along that was making me feel bad and not the high testosterone, I felt great when I reduced my testosterone and HCG doses in half, on May I was taking 150iu HCG EOD and 25mg Test E twice a week and felt very good.

The last 3 weeks I dropped HCG and increased to 37.5mg twice a week and got tested yesterday so should get those results tomorrow hopefully.

I feel ok and a lot stronger but I definitely feel chubby and my chest kind of looks and feels fat, I felt leaner at my lower dose.

Hoping that Cypionate will maybe respond better with me and possibly krank up libido which for me is the most important thing.

That’s really interesting, the guys SHBG is 3?!

What is his E2 at?

And feels great and libido? Also what Ester is he on?

Very interesting stuff.


31pg/mL (<39)

Yes and yes.


Doesn’t Greg Doucette take 140? I remember him saying that. That guy is a beast.

I have no idea. A quick google search turned up this:



He has a pretty amusing/VERY knowledgeable YouTube channel. Check it out sometime

Hcg can be the culprite. It was for me. If I take Too much I feel tired and overall shitty.

@roscoe88 he just shot a big hole in your shbg theory. Now what? Why don’t you tell highpull how stupid he is for suggesting more than 100?

I think I may actually give the weekly injections a go for about 8 to 9 weeks, maybe do 120mg a week.

I seemed to respond well to Nebido over a year ago so maybe my body likes the big shots, I think that makes more sense than frequent injections.

You say that you have guys with low shbg who do very well on weekly injections?


Not everyone needs exorbitant amounts of test. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

While I respect high pulls info, he’d probably tell you YMMV on the topic of trt. I’ve tried his recommended high doses. Didn’t work. Doesn’t mean he’s wrong or right.

Over to excelmale. Most there will tell you low shbg means lower doses. All based upon trial and error of what ppl w low shbg feel better at. Clearly it doesn’t apply for everyone w low shbg. But most.

Op says (clearly you don’t read) he feels best 400-500 TT LEVELS and you imply he take 175mg-200mg? Cmon.

Don’t get so hurt when someone calls you out as wrong when you are in fact, wrong.

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