New Cycle?

This isn’t my first cycle but wanna have someone give an opinion good or bad. Here it Goes.

Week 1-10 400mg Deca
Week 1-10 200mg Test E
Week 6-10 50 mg Proviron ED
PCT Arimidex .5mg p/d
Nolva 20mg p/d

Not enough test.
Make it 500mg/wk

Arimidex should be kept on hand during your cycle in case of side effects. Not used for PCT.

Also, your Test and Deca numbers should read at about 3 to every 2. (i.e. ~600mg Test, 400mg Deca)

200mg of Test E per week? Please reconsider that. I poop more T than that on a single bowel movement.

I agree with the other guys… Up really need to up the Test. Your Test/Deca ratio should be the other way around. More Test than Deca. I’ve used 500mg Test and 200mg Deca every week with decent results.

Shouldn’t the deca end a couple weeks before the test?

[quote]Contrl wrote:
I poop more T than that on a single bowel movement.[/quote]

you should bag some of that up and sell it to one of the 37 guys that post on here every week looking for gear.

Guys thanks for the info I thought test was a LIL WEAK but wasn’t sure but knew you should always run test with Deca. I have 200mg/ml equipoise 20ml should I sub or what as far as I know there almost one in the same…school me.My main goal is lean mass to keep slow but sure. Thanks for the input

You should school yourself before you purchase and think about putting all these different compounds into your body. Since as far as you know deca and eq are almost one in the same its really time for you to do some reading on the different drug compounds. A quick search would yeild you plenty of results. Good Luck.
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