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New Cycle

Ok… So, my next cycle is still a little over 2 months away but I want to make sure I have EVERYTHING beforehand this time. This past cycle I ordered clomid the day before my last injection of NPP and I waited for a week for them only to find out that they were seized… So, I went ahead and bought 180mL of Liquid Clomid so I won’t ever have to worry about that again…

I want my next cycle to give me a net weight loss of 10 lbs with, of course, a significant positive shift in body composition. I am 260 right now at about 14% b/f. I added a great deal of mass to my delts and tris with my last cycle, now I am looking for some symmetry to fill out my bis a little more and widen the back…

I was thinking about doing something like this…

Weeks 1-12 Preload 1200mg Boldenone Undecylenate (EQ) and 800mg Primobolan
600mg EQ/wk
400mg Primo/wk
350mg Test prop/wk
.75mg femara/day

Weeks 9-16
I’m not sure what dosaging I want to do yet… I have Masteron, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Winny and Carbolin 19… I was hoping someone who has tried a similar cycle can point me in the right direction or at the very least give me some ideas… If you can recommend any other drugs, that’s not a problem, as I can more than likely get it…Any help is greatly appreciate.


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Masteron and EQ is a good cycle, no ancillaries needed, and you could stay on it forever! I just gained about 7 lbs of new muscle - which is a lot for me from just doing these two compounds - 400mg of each per week, and eating my face off of course! You sure have a bagfull of gear though - and you could cut your dosages in half and still get the same results.

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Yeah, I keep everything stock piled…lol.

Sweet, 400mg of EQ going to be enough? I’m a big boy… I’m hoping that combining those two will bring me to a whole new level of leanness… I’ve tried the high androgens (test, tren, anadrol, dbol) and I just always seem to get too puffy, probably b/c I wasn’t using enough Anti-E…

Stay on forever… That’s one helluva-n idea there!!! evil laugh hooohahahaha hooooooohahahahahaha… Mariusz Pudzianowski who!!! (Damn clomid again)


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Man, I wish I had that kind of availability. Reminds me of the old days back in the 80’s. Have fun.