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New Cycle

ok I posted a cycle a few weeks ago that I have recently found out my supplier gave me some fake gear. So after i go beat the hell outta him this is what i was thinkin. help me out here vets…
I’ve responded very well to just Test alone in the past. Right now I have 2 20ml vials of Test Enanthate 400. Could I just run a 10 week cycle with 800mgs a week of Enanthate and see decent results from it? Or should I go get some Dbol? Tren? what you guys think?>


If I ever get passed bad gear there’s gonna be one less bullet in my gun and one more hole in the ground.

That said, Test at 800mgs/week will work just fine. Make sure you have plenty of anti-e’s.

plenty of anti-e’s? think 100 1mg arimidex pills will do? :slight_smile: