New Cycle


i would like advise regarding my next cycle please, im nearly 31 have been training over 12 years but some of that was also doing BJJ, just bodybuilding now though.

im 6’ 229lbs please see picture attached to my current condition. i really just want to get bigger. I would like to know what you would advise for my next cycle, compounds and dosages if you could? Also i have read your opinion on Tren, i have taken it in the past, i think its amazing for me, but even at low doses it really affects my mood. It makes me very “irritable” and im not like that on any other compound. If you have any advise on ways round that would be great also.


What are some if your previous cycles

decent physique brother. Pretty sure I know which gym you train at too…

Yea you’re going to need to post some previous cycle history to adjust accordingly. You could try Test, EQ, Anadrol.