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New cycle


Just starting a new cycle. 1 ml of test e 300 2x/week, 1ml equipoise 300 2x/week, 1/2 ml tren e 200 2x/week, 1/2 ml deca 300 2x/week, and 50mg d-bol ed.How does that sound? Any suggestions?
Also taking aromadex eod.


I’m no expert, but I think that you need to drop off EQ, deca and if you take tren for first time use tren a, less sides.
What’s lenght of cycle?


Drop Eq

1000mg Test
600mg Deca
50mg Tren A Daily

Drop Dbol


yeah, wouldn’t the dbol kinda work against the tren as far as desired results? seems counterproductive.

and if he switched to tran ace would he keep the test e or go to prop or cyp?


I would keep the E but start the Tren A around week 2 or 3 stop them at the same time so the Tren has more than enough time to clear before even starting PCT. Its no so much that Dbol would counter the effect of Tren its just I dont see the point in really running something like Dbol as a kick start when you are going to run something so fast acting as Tren Ace. If he was using Tren E then Dbol would possibly be warranted.