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New Cycle

Hello, right only way I can find the answers I need is to ask on here so this is my last attempt I will be starting a dbol and anavar cycle shortly please don’t flame me on this it’s pretty well known you can get results off this and just like the old time bodybuilders life is all about trial an error!,

my question is I’m very confused on how to use my Nolva (tamoxifen) is it at the end start taking 20mg a day or alongside it? I just can’t get this question answered help would be awesome, Right just so people feel better about giving me advice I can give some info on myself, I have been training since I was 13 was forced into a boxing club I boxed at an amature level until I was 18, that’s when I saw pumping iron the film with Arnold

fell inlove with bodybuilding I’ve trained 6x a week for 3 years maby missed around 5 days in them 3 years, I train in a amature bodybuilders gym everyone’s training to enter contests so I’m surrounded by it day in day out. So yeah I want to be safe, a lot of the guys say they don’t need it and to keep it on hand until I feel itchy nipples I just want to hear other opinions

thank you in advance

My opinion is to man the fuck and run a real cycle.

And your welcome glad I could help.

Site search oral only cycle I created a whole thread for these posts