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New Cycle


My first post on this forum. Starting a new cycle tonight, getting ready for the IPF Masters Worlds. M3,74kg. We use the Westside workout template minus the drugs and high squats. Tuesday squat/deadlift, Thursday bench, Saturday box squat, Monday dynamic/rep bench.


What team are you lifting for?

I suppose we'll be seeing you there. A friend of mine is M3 74kg. I'm M1 63 and my guy is M2 74. Welcome to the the forum.


Ahh, you've arrived. I'm glad.

Cooch is a very talented elite competitive powerlifter who trains with two other equally talented lifters. Right after I started powerlifting, I trained with the trio a few times. A bit of an intimidating experience, to say the least.

Glad to be able to follow your training more closely.


How can you call it Westside without the drugs and high squats?

Just kidding.

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome, Cooch. How far off is the meet?


Is it okay if I answer? It's September 26 to October 1 in St. Catharine's Ontario.


Welcome aboard


Welcome. Westside template works high squatting or low.


Welcome and look forward to following your meet prep.