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New Cycle


I'm 220. 25y/o. 183cms. I will be doing this starting next week.

Week 1-8 750mg Test E /Once a Week
Week 1-8 Adex 1mg /EOD

How long do I need to wait after first injection to check my blood levels (estrogen) to adjust adex dose?

I have some proviron, any downsides running 25x2 ED throughout the cycle?

Last question, I use Pantoprazole (proton pump inhibitor) ED upon waking. Considering this, when should I take the Adex? Does it differ?


I would start with a lower adex dose, .5mg EOD.

Proviron is fine.


Serum estradiol tests are not implemented widely by AAS users n order to adjust anastrozole levels. Most simply judge it based upon level of water retention, sensitivity of nipples, and extent to which joint aches are tolerable/noticeable. While estrogen-based tests may be better and certainly more acurate, many do not feel these are needed or worth the time/expense.

Also, being that most recognize Test Enan to have a half life of 4 days, administration of twice a week is common among AAS users (though many endocrinologists use once a week administration).

In terms of Pantoprazole, I do not believe it is contraindicated with anastrozole, but a doctor or pharmacist (who is also bound to confidentiality) could answer this question. If it is not, the anastrozole administration could happen every other morning, evening, etc.


Test E is best shot 2x per week.


I was thinking I could start 1mg then if my E is too low I can lower the dose?

I read 4-5 days half life and figured I should not bother with more than once a week. I guess I was wrong.


5 days is probably accurate. By the 5th day half of the drug would be "gone". You dont want the levels to fluctuate by 50%, roughly speaking. Steady blood levels make for a smoother cycle.


So, it makes sense to inject every 4th day.


Do it every 3 to 4 days. Inject 400 mgs the first day, then 400mgs the 3rd day, and then just inject 375mgs every 4th day there after. Trust us, your virgin muscle bellies will be a lot happier taking 1.5-2 cc's instead of taking 3-4 ccs all in one shot...

On a seperate note, are you a cigarette smoker?


how much do you take? u don't want ur stomach acids to get too low. Otherwise, there's no real problem.


You should read more about the pharmokinetics of the drug. It doesnt go from 100% to 50% in one day. Its a time release.

Injecting every day is clearly the best way to keep levels most stable, regardless of the ester.

But with an enanthate ester injecting every 3 days makes the most sense, practically speaking. I prefer injecting Sunday morning and wednesday evening. 3.5 days apart.


And read the stickied threads.


Im with BONEZ, I try the Monday/Thursday approach trying to acheive the same thing.


Yes I'm a smoker. But I can't see how that is related.

I take 40mgs every day for 4 weeks. then stop taking. when I start feeling pain frequently again I take for another 4 weeks.

I know it is not going %50 in one day. I know it is ideal to inject every day. I guess I was thinking "easier" not "better".

When I said every 4th day I meant inject at day1 dont inject for 2 days then inject again. So it is monday/thursday.