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New Cycle When Gym Opens

Hoping gyms open up here in NYS by next month. Have the following cycle in mind:

Cyp: 500mg/week
NPP: 500/week
Anadrol: Still trying to figure out dosage

I also have 4 bottles of Prop leftover from a cycle earlier this year. Worth tossing in just for fun?

I’ve got plenty of Aromasin on deck and will incorporate 3 days/week of cardio as well to combat water retention.


If it is me, I would split up the anadrol into 25 mg twice a day. I would have nolva on hand. From what I understand aromasin will not work for gyno from anadrol.

If it is me, I would not use NPP, but I am conservative, and 19-nors don’t interest me due to the side effects, but maybe you handle it fine.

I can’t imaging this cycle doesn’t have you looking huge if you eat.

Oh I plan on eating a ton. I’ve ran Deca before with no issues and loved how it lubed my tendons, ligaments, and joints. We’ll see how the NPP goes.

I would imagine if you handle Deca, you will handle NPP fine. NPP is to Deca as Test P is to Test C. It just has a short ester vs long ester.

I am curious about your anadrol experience. I am thinking of running 50 mg split into two doses per day for 6 weeks after my cut. I plan on just running my TRT dose with it. It is supposed to be quite a powerful mass and strength builder. Seems to be a really good oral.

I would also run liver support with it. I think some of the liver toxicity claims are over blown. I have read research papers, and one of them they had the test subjects run 100 mg per day for 24 weeks. Another one was 50 mg and 100 mg groups for 12 weeks. The latter study showed that the fat free mass gain between the two dosages was what I would consider not worth the extra risk. The 100 mg group gained about 1 kg more than the 50 mg group in 12 weeks. Fat loss was about the same between both dosages (about 2 kg). I would still be conservative and run for 6 weeks at 50.

I’m planning the same - 50mg split between 2 doses per day. From what I’ve read, there is no need to exceed that unless you’re a pro. The stress on the liver continues to magnify. But yeah, I have plenty of liver support on hand as well. I’ve ran liquid anadrol in the past, but I believe it was underdosed. I had noticeable strength increases across the board, but from what others have told me when taken in pill form, strength should be insane.

There also seems to be a dose dependent loss of appetite with drol. If you are trying to gain, that might be detrimental to your goals.

So when the gym opens on Monday, I plan to start my next growth cycle.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about this. Do I start with the test cyp/prop for 2-3 weeks and slowly accumulate the strength/muscle that I lost during the shutdown, or immediately go full bore and run the cyp/prop, npp, and frontload the 8 weeks of anadrol right off the rip?

I was leaning towards 2-3 weeks of test alone to get some strength back and then putting the pedal to the floor with the other compounds.

NPP as already mentioned is the fact acting ester. Cyp is a the long one. Pair NPP with Prop and run those for 8 or so weeks. Running either longer is going to result in diminished returns and prolonged exposure to gear. If you want to use the cyp you may as well go back to the Nandrolone Decanote ester.

Fair enough, I like your insight. When do you think the drol should start?

I would start it as the half way point and run it a week past the injectables if it were me. The short ester half life is 3 days so you need to wait almost two weeks after your last pin to start PCT anyway unless you are on TRT.