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New Cycle, What Do You Think?

Let’s say mid 30s, massive heart attack, complete (98%) arterial blockage in every single coronary artery lol. Or a heart that weighs one kilogram, after months upon months of experiencing shortness of breaths, constant PVC’s, bouts of afib but dusting it off to run another 1000mgs of tren op is in the middle of a leg workout on a hot day. Gets under the hack squat machine, his RHR has been in the 150s all day, he goes down for his second rep, his HR increases to 300 and his heart goes like “nope, time to enter ventricular fibrillation”.

I hypothesize the death will be cardiac related

That being said if op is aware of the significant risks such a protocal entails and is still willing to go through with it then all the best of luck to him. Maybe he will make Mr O or something given those doses

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