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New Cycle, What Do You Think?

Hello everyone, I have just recently started my new structured preparation

Week 1-5
500mg Testo Cyp
600mg EQ
500mg Tren E.
40mg winstrol(kickstart)

week 6
550mg Testo E
600mg Eq
600mg Tren E.

week 7-8
550mg testo E
900mg EQ
600mg tren E

week 9-10
1100mg testo E
900mg EQ
800mg Tren E

1100mg testo E
1200mg EQ
800mg tren E

week13 (drop)
1000mg Sustanon
900mg EQ
600mg Tren E

750mg sustanon
600mg EQ
200mg tren E

500mg sustanon
600mg EQ

week 16
500mg sustanon
300mg EQ

week 17
250mg sustanon

40mg/day tamoxifene
100mcg/day t4
20mcg/day t3

1mg/week caber

Bridge for 4week --> Bloodwork --> new cycle

what do you think??
The first 5 weeks will follow a diet aimed at body recomposition, the subsequent follow a clean bulk protocol. My goal is to compete in the Classic Phisique and it takes 10-15lbs to my weight

Holy fucking shit, that’s a fucking gigantic amount of gear. That’s TWO fucks in one sentence I’m so shocked. My left ventricle exploded after reading this. It’s LVWT is now 2000 mm and I no longer look like a human, just one dialated, massive left ventricle full of fibrotic tissue.

@physioLojik Dr Sir, have you ever used these kind of dosages? 800mg of tren, that’s 4000mg of test on paper. I can only imagine how hyoooge I’d be if I used such doses… And how my lipid profile would look

T4 ANNNND T3!!! I mean the doses here are actually reasonable. But I’ve gone into ventricular fibrillation now after thinking about running like 4 grams of gear then bridging for 4 weeks before doing it all over again.

Are you aiming to be Mr Olympia or something, are you currently an IFBB pro? If not I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt you need these doses.

I do not understand this at all. Also, caber is the fire extinguisher that’s locked away. You break that glass in case of emergency. You don’t plan on using it unless necessary.

I want to talk about the T4/T3 usage if you feel like discussing it.
Why bother with the T4 at all if you’re already going to be using T3? Why not just increase your T3 dosage and drop the T4 altogether since your body wouldn’t need to convert any T4 to T3 considering the presence of exogenous T3 levels (unless I’m misunderstanding the T4—>T3 conversion mechanism).
My assumption is that you’re adding those compounds in near the end to clean up any added fluffiness prior to competing; considering that I would expect to see some Clen in the mix as well.

No comment … just here to watch the show…


CaberI use it from the beginning because I already know the effects of Tren E on my body and nipples

T4 and T3 I use them together because the first few weeks are in a phase of recomposition (hypocaloric).
Being in hypocaloric the organism decreases the production of thyroid hormones and therefore their use is justified.

So use T3, T4 is inactive until it interacts with deiondinase enzymes (responsible for t4→t3 conversion). Pathways to convert t4-t3 are of different efficiency depending on the individual, making T4 use a crapshoot. I previously didn’t know this and thought T4 was an okay drug for hypothyroidism but then Dr Sir taught me otherwise.

You’re arguement for use of T4 makes no sense, given that you’ll be shutting down you’re natty thyroid production by using synthetic thyroid hormone regardless. Tis all about the negative feedback loop.

Personally I don’t recommend either. I recommend a solid diet and way less gear.

Clen+T4+T3+megadosing gear = a heart attack and/or lethal arrythmia in the making

Say humans, not all organisms produce thyroid hormone. Pretty sure prokaryotic (single celled) bacteria (tis a living thing and thus an organism. All bacteria are prokaryotic I believe #nomembraneboundorganelle) don’t have thyroid glands… But I’m secretly a prokaryotic organism #nucleusdoesntexist

Understand that…let me rephrase my question.

This is my understanding of T3/T4 so if I have something to learn here I’m absolutely open to that.

You body creates T3 from T4. As long as T4 is present and your thyroid is function properly your supply of T3 will be fine.
In instances of extreme dieters, or people with hypothyroidism T4 supplementation makes sense.
Once you start taking T3 directly the amount of T4 become irrelevant because your body is just going to look at all the extra T3 in your blood and say “ummm…no need to convert this useless T4 to T3 beacuse my levels area already high; as a matter of fact, I’ll just tell the thyroid to take a few days off until we need it.”.
I don’t think you need the T4 if your going to throw T3 on top of it; you might as well just throw it in the trash.
Please correct me if I’m wrong somewhere.
( I see that @unreal24278 is replying. He’ll undoubtedly have something useful to add here.)

You’re right. Op should pick one or the other ( or neither haha, thyroid status typically bounces back after extreme dieting anyway, and the very short period of which one would be in a hypothyroid state probably wouldn’t impact bodyfat distribution… What can impact BF distribution is permanently fucking up you’re thyroid from using synthetic T4/T3)). It’s like using test and androstenedione… Why are you using a PH on top of the real thing. It’s less efficient and it’s a waste of time.

So I could improve the effect of t3 by eliminating t4?!?
Thanks you friend try and keep you updated on changes

Not about improving the effect, it’s about what’s nessecary. Why use a PH to the active hormone when you’ve got the real thing.

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I wouldn’t say that you’re improving the effect of the T3 per se, more accurately, you’re making the need for T4 unnecessary by adding T3. If you’re taking a thyroid hormone for body recomp purposes I would stick with the T3 by itself.

Thank you very much friend … I fully understood the speech …

I understood the speech …

Well he’s entering a competition so it’s unlikely that he’ll choose ‘neither’. He’s going to do whatever he thinks is required to win.

Long term use of a DA is “safe” because the patient populations that have been studied are the ones who use these drugs, namely Parkinson’s disease sufferers. Healthy people don’t use these drugs for long periods of time. You’re setting yourself up for some serious problems down the road when you mess with that stuff.

Unless he’s doing an IFBB pro comp I don’t think 800mg tren/wk is nesseccary to win lol. Even then 800mg of TREN is a stretch.

Maybe I’m wrong tho, I just thought those kinds of doses (regarding tren) were meant for world class athletes, not amatuer competitors (unless op is already pro), I believe flipcollar uses/has used high doses, however he is (for his weight class) legitimately currently the strongest man in the WORLD for certain lifts. Thus his doses make sense, he’s legitimately a professional strength/power athlete

Not disagreeing but you of all people should know the uphill battle is even when dealing with recreational lifters when it comes to gear dosages. Throw in a competitive athlete and his coach and you’re increasing the level of difficulty exponentially. I’ll admit that I’m ignorant to the level of gear being used by the pros these days and that would be further complicated by UGL underdosing of gear. It’s been a while since I’ve read ShadowPro’s threads but I think I remember a dosage discussion there.

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I think you’re going to die long before the average age expectancy in whatever country you live in.