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New Cycle.....Thoughts?


Hey all -

I'm not new to this world but I thought I would get some opinions on my latest cycle.

Pretty simple actually:

GTP (Goldern Triangle Pharm.)
2 * 10ml 250mg test cyp
1 * 10ml 500mg EQ

I have never touched EQ before and this stuff has a killer rep! 500mg!

Anyway-I don't believe in the front loading process so here is what I was thinking

week 1
250mg cyp
250mg EQ

week 2-5
500mg cyp
500mg EQ

week 6
750mg cyp
500mg Eq

week 7-9
500mg cyp
500mg Eq

week 10
250mg cyp
250mg EQ

week 12-14
Post cycle therepy
clomid, unleashed, tribulus, "post cycle"

I am looking for solid gains with little retention but not huge size gains. Strength and some mass

Diet is spot on and at least 1.5-2 grams of protein daily. Coming from 50% food 50% supplement.

6'4 215 currently

Too weak? Too much EQ? Test to EQ ratio is wrong?



Honestly, I think the old "pyramid" style cycle is really outdated. I would keep it simple and go 500mg of each the whole way through. You may need an extra week before PCT because the EQ clearence. Just a thought.


Damn, I clicked on this thread thinking I'd see a photo of the new Harley you got for christmas. :slight_smile:


Well I could easily just leave my levels fine the whole 10 week cycle, that wouldn't be a problem. I have had good success with they pyramid in the past so I thought I would stick to it.

I was more worried about the 500/500 split and if that was too much EQ for the cycle since most people do 400mg/week at most from what I see


GTP EQ at 500mg would be a good thing. It won't hurt at all bro.


OK cool. I am into week 2 right now and will be on my 3rd dose this weekend. Still not feeling anything from this combo though. I assume that is b/c EQ is a much more mild formula then test and cyp has such a long half life that it will take 3-4 weeks before results start coming in


4th week. Very good cycle, pumps are insane. I can hardly wash my hair in the shower after working arms.



I would go with the 500/500 split. Just a matter of opinion.



I am going to stick with the 500/500 split and see what happens. I am pretty strong as it is but I wanted to gain some mass to be able to cut down in the spring.

I figure the ability to keep the gains on cyp is terrible but the EQ is supposed to be pretty decent at that.


Albacore, I understand the logic behind frontloading such long acting esters like test cyp and eq, but I dont understand the logic behind pyramiding such esters, please explain.


either frontload, or keep your dosages the same throughout. pyrimiding is old school and doesn't really make sense IMO, especially with the longer esters you are running.

get your blood levels up as quick as possible, reap the benefits/gains, come off with PCT. done and done.

500 and 500 sounds just fine.


Yea I don't think that they pyramid is a good or bad idea. Just a different one. The thought behind it (with a shorter half life test like sus250) would be that mid way through you can get a pop or spike to get you even futher past a mid cycle plateau.

This would surge the system for a week or two with a highest level of dosage, then drop it off again to the regular level and then begin PCT soon after.

Done it in the past with great results but I will flatline this one and see what happens.


Albacore: all these guys have hit all the nails right on the head! Quite refreshing! Listen to them...

And keep us posted on how the cycle goes.


Well I am in week 3 right now...been on for 2.5 weeks.

250/250 week 1
500/500 week 2
500/500 week 3

Nothing groundbreaking yet. My diet is pretty dialed in (as well as it can be for thanksgiving, my b-day, and christmas in the 1st month haha)

I use a set of alternating powerlifting startegies on chest and this week was my firt hard lift to get a baseline.

I usually do (this is for bench and legs):

Warmup 135
Warmup 225
Warmup 275

1 rep
6 rep
1 rep
6 rep

Following week

warmup 135
warmup 225

5 sets of 5

Following week:

Warmup 135
Warmup 225
Warmup 275

6 reps
1 rep
6 reps
1 rep

Last week:

warmup 135
warmup 225

5 sets of 5

Then repeat.

Well I did the first one of chest (legs are today) and I was able to do

1 rep 335
6 reps 275
1 rep 345
6 reps 285

With no spot so I will up in next time. Not too bad for a baseline. Can't wait to see what I can do on cycle. I have been clean for over a year so those are pretty much my normal strength levels.

6'4 28 years old 215 lbs about 13% bf


Damn good numbers, man. Have fun when that EQpetite kicks in.



Looks really good. One question, Are you working arms, shoulders, back, ect.? If not, I would to take advantage of this cycle. This a great cycle and get ready to grow, cause its coming with in the next 2 weeks. You should start seeing some strength gains soon and if you don't have a spot, use a smith machine if you have access to one. I train alone and a lot of guys knock the smith machine, but its great when training alone. Push the envelope and lift heavy bro, but be careful.

Keep us posted on results, In the end that 215 should be at least 230.

Lift Heavy,



No I am training everything. I have a very detailed workout for the other parts. This is simply my power sets for the chest and legs I do.

I usually always have access to a spot so that won't be a problem.

Last time I was on a test enath only cycle of 500 a week for 8 weeks I was about 223lb and benched 410.

So it shall be interesting.


Seems to be kicking in a bit more now.

So far I am on week 5 this week. No acne, no gyno, no real bloat.

Body is starting to shape up a bit again. Weights are increasing a bit. I am excited to see what the second half of this cycle brings!


Yea man im in the last week of a Test E,Eq and Var cycle and I remember one morning of the 5th week while working out, I just suddenly felt like a monster. I was expecting the "switch" to really kick on around week 3-4 but it definitely came around the 5th. Best of luck with the remainder of your cycle, you are going to have a fucking ball :).



Thanks man!

I am doing chest today for my first day of week 5.

I am doing my above wave set of 6 reps 1 rep 6 reps 1 rep

I think I am going to see how 365 feels for the 1 rep!

I was a little under the weather this weekend so my food intake suffered a bit. I need to step that up tonight again as my appitite comes back