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New Cycle Thoughts


Planning out a recomp/cutting cycle.
Will 200mg of masteron be sufficient for first time? If i would be in caloric deficit will i still gain strenght and can this strenght be kept with proper pct. Thanks in advance!

1-10 test c 500mg
1-6 anavar 40mg per day
1-10 Masteron enth 200mg

I think you will like this combo very much. Test and mast are my baseline cruise these days and my blast adds anavar. You might start at 40mg on var but be prepared to go to 50 or greater but don’t exceed 100. For me that lead to some serious muscle pain.

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Do you think 40mg will not be enough?

It might since everybody is different. I run 50 and its great for pumps and muscle hardness. Start low but have enough supply to increase your dose if you feel the need.

You’ll know its working, you’d get hard muscle contractions and strange cramps when you least expect it (like ab cramps when you’re wiping your ass or hamstring cramps during sex) LOL


Alright. Already looking forward

This is hard to know. How lean you get will be a big factor. If getting shredded (sub 8%) even with a ton of hormones you will almost for sure lose strength. You might even gain muscle, lose fat, and lose strength if the BF% gets low enough.

I doubt you are trying to get that lean, so what you are proposing should work well for your goals, and be pretty clean (you shouldn’t bloat much).

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Alright, yeah i am not trying to get shredded. Just looking to cut some fat down with strenght increase. Currently sitting on 15% bf. yeah bloating is the worst feeling i get that quite easy as well. Would love to be at 10% in the end perhaps

Would it be possible to to add test and masteron into the same syringe?

You can combine them no problem. It is what I would do. Both Test E/C and Mast E are considered low pain injectables. Some other injectables have a lot of PIP (post injection pain), and it is common for people to mix Test or Mast with these other injectables to make the injection less painful.

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I’m using similar dosages 350mg test, 150mg Mast, 50mg Anavar. It’s more than enough to drop fat without a whole lot of effort. I’ve gained zero water weight. Not sure if that would be the case if the test was higher though so definitely keep me updated on how yours goes.

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That’s what i wanted to hear

How was your diet?

If I told you what I eat daily I’d be banned from the forum. These pics are about 3 weeks apart. I only worked out one of those weeks and ate worse. The second pic is only 1 week using the Anavar. I’ve been on the Test and Mast for a while.



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wow. this is fast. How is the stenght increase?

It’s just starting to be noticeable

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