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New Cycle Thoughts and Suggestions?


Planning next cycle in next few months. all ideas are welcome. PCT will consist of 20mg nolvadex daily for 6 weeks. I have read some people recommend keeping test on the lower end of spectrum. would 500mg be alright?

Test c 500mg per week taking it in 2 seperate shots week 1-10
Turinabol 30mg day week 1-10
Tren e 200mg in 2 seprate shots per week 1-10

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Looks good to me, good dosage for Tren, you will notice good results from that while keeping the sides minimal, I would add clomid to your pct if you are going to run tren, also have caber on hand for any prolactin side effects that may come along after a few weeks.

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Alright, thanks for you reply!

Genuine question here: It seems many on here say Nolva only is good for PCT, but why would you need clomid for PCT after using Tren? Is there something different that happens that Nolva does not take care of?

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It intrigues me as well

It has been asserted many times that the shutdown from Tren is harder to recover from and comes about faster. I have heard experienced users say that they need HCG while on Tren due to more aches in the balls, but that they are fine on other compounds. Only anecdotal evidence here.

Is there anything else i should be looking out for when taking tren? Thanks

Make sure to have Caber as mentioned above. I would normally comment on the Tbol duration, but it is relatively low dose, and you are already running Tren, so IDK.

When do you plan on running your PCT? I think you need to wait at least 3 weeks, 4 being preferable. During that period, I would run HCG. I would taper it up as the test tapers down to avoid any unnecessary spike in E2. It doesn’t need to be ultra complicated. Week 11 run 200 IU EOD, week 12 run 350 IU EOD, weeks 13 and 14 run 500 IU. Or something similar.

Shutdown from Tren is allegedly no joke. I would do what I can to improve my chances of a successful PCT.

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I was actually thinking doing it this way. No clomid tho just nolvadex. Sorry what is caber. English is not my first language

So you would run the Nolva after the HCG to be clear. 4 weeks of HCG right after you last week of the cycle, then your PCT.

Caber is short for Cabergoline. It is a Dopamine receptor agonist. Importantly to you is that it can lower prolactin. Some people get prolactin issues while on 19-Nors (NPP, DECA, TREN). This can cause mood issues and gyno, lactating.

I have not run a 19-Nor, and probably will not ever do it, so I can’t give you much info on dosing of the caber as I don’t have any experience. I think a good motto is start low, and ONLY if you need it. It has sides on its own, so don’t just run it for the heck of it.


Caber .25mg every 5 days with that dose of Tren.

High dose Tren .25 every

3 days

What do you think of switching tbol to dbol?

How many aromatizing compounds and in what quantities have you run before? Adding Dbol to a good dose of Test may lead to complications if you don’t handle high E2 well. No worries about E2 with Tbol. Dbol will give more gains, but also is more complicated to run. Tradeoffs.

I am running a blast right now which will end in Tbol. 600 mg of test for 16 weeks, weeks 11-16 with Tbol at 40 mg/day. I choose Tbol over Dbol or Drol as I don’t want additional complexity of an aromatizing compound.

Is it your first run with Tren? If so, I would think about just letting the Tren do the work.

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I have had only previous experience with dbol regarding aromtazing compounds and that was a cycle of 30mg for 8 weeks. Didn’t have any aromtize problems other than water retention really. It would be my first run with tren yes. Should i skip orals and just do tren with 500mg of test? Thanks for all the help mate

Did you run Test with the Dbol? Is this your first run of Test?

Yes i did. Ran test at 300mg per week. Sol quite low. Was a very solid cycle. Recovered very well from that cycle. Kept pretty much all muscle. Expect for water

I have run test solo at 500mg per week and then with dbol.

Okay, if it was your first time with Test, I would say no need for Tren now.

I would stick with Tbol, to have lower E2 levels and less water retention. If you have high E2 and running Tren for the first time it is going to be a lot to manage. Or just run Test / Tren, which is what I would do (if I was running Tren for the first time).

Do you think you have gotten close to maxing out the gains from simple cycles? If not, really think about perhaps running something milder.

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