New Cycle - Test E, Dbol. Estrogen Suppression/PCT Advice?

I’ve taken test e before w moderate gains (nutrition wasn’t on point and I was in my mid 20’s) and no side effects. Last year I decided I was ready to go again since I’m older and way more in tune w my training and nutrition. Sustanon was the only available around here so I figured what the hell I’ll try. I had light acne in week 2 but full blown bad face and back acne by week 3-6 (stopped taking it in week 3). The acne cleared slowly and finally went away (about 3 months). I workout everyday but Sunday employing powerlifting style and strongman style workouts. Now I’m ready to do this again but with a better plan. I want to run Test E + Dbol but I’m getting confused on estrogen suppression during and PCT.

I’m 36, 220#, 17%bf. Goal is to get bigger, stronger, faster. I’m not a bodybuilder. I don’t compete in powerlifting or strongman but I typically train in their style.

wk 1-12 Test E 500mg (250 2xWeek)
wk 1-4 Dbol 30-40mg (split dosing)

wk 14-18? Nolvadex 20mg ED

Is dbol the only compound you can find? How does your body respond to estrogen? Truthfully i have done legit dbol and it is not as great as everyone makes it out to be, the gains come and go fast, if you are serious about your training and want to make keepable gains check out superdrol it is probably one of the strongest orals under Anandrol, you run it for 4 weeks max and can make some 8-12 lb of muscle mass it is highly toxic so if you have experience with drinking a lot of hard alcohol i suggest to skip it.

Anyways you are already on a higher body fat again i need to ask how your body deals with estrogen because dbol and test-e together will aromatise alot, if you do want to run it either way have some adex on hand and take 15-20mg AI ED depending on how you feel. for PCT you can use nolva for pct 40-50/40-50/20/20 sounds right.

@cryptonite Hey man thanks for the advice. I have re-evaluated and decided to do just Test E for my first cycle. Somehow I only ended up with 5k ml Test E (I thought I was getting enough for a 12 week cycle but I probably messed it up in the ordering process). I’m debating on going ahead with this but would rather get some input from you on whether or not 10 weeks is worth it. Currently dieting and have about 3 weeks before I begin.

Test E 250ml 2x week, 10 weeks
Anastrozole .25mg ED
Tamoxifen Citrate 40/40/20/20/20

Truthfully brother, the longer test - e is in the body the better the gains are, however there is a point where your body starts to taper off the gains…i believe if you keep doses the same around 13-14 weeks you stop to progress and will need to up the dose, 10 weeks sounds decent personally i would go 12 weeks.

Yeah based on all I’ve read you’re right on that. I hate to order such a small amount to continue the cycle another couple of weeks. A decent cycle will have to do for now. This will give me some input on how my body responds to it and allow me time to research 2nd cycle based on my results. I appreciate your advice man, thanks for taking the time!