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New Cycle Test/Deca/Tbol

All right finally everything is here… finally!
Got the future wife’s consent to start even though I get married in 50 days!

Ok here goes…
Weeks 1-12
Sustanon 500mg/wk + Taper

Weeks 1-10
Deca 300mg (I may up this depending on sides 1st timer) Not a great time for little Randizo to be tired!

Weeks 1-6
Tbol 40mg/Day

Adex EOD as directed :slight_smile:

Weeks 2-14
Cabergoline 5mg/week

Probably run weeks 14-20 with Taper
Nolva/Chlomid Mix

Diet is gonna consist of approx 4500-5000 cals/day. For me it is impossible to eat that many clean calories, so the local “Cookout” will be selling a whole lot of Huge Burgers. I generally consume:

6eggs/2 cups grits/Bagel/Fish Oils/BCAA’s/Glutamine Powder/12oz Vitamin D Whole Milk.

Lunch will depend on a number of things but it will always be at minimum 2000 Cals.

Dinner Same as lunch though higher fats and lower carb percentages min 2000 Cals.
*This will be the healthiest meal of the day, Chicken, Greens, Whole Milk, Sweet Potatoes, etc…

(Snack times) total of 4 Metrx Colossal 100 Protein Meal Replacement Bars Daily 420cals each
*I know these are crap but they are also only $1.64 at Wally World and it’s a recession.

(Protein Supps) total of 3 Whey Protein Shakes between each meal (post workout)

Preworkout - A NOS Type stimulant based BCAA enriched thing that sounds like it would be used to hunt with…

Protein - 100% Whey

Postworkout - Laugh if you want but I got it for FREE, Anabolic Halo.

BCAA’s 3times per day
Fish Oils 3times per day

I am 34yrs old so this is nearing my last cycle other than the presumed HRT in the future.
I have been cutting down as lean as possible and am starting at 6’4" tall and 220lbs naked at early am wakeup.

All weight mesurements will be done in this same manner.

“Current” Stats: Though have been higher on cycle…
Bench 315lbs
Squat 455lbs
Dead 560lbs
Military 225lbs

Height 6’ 4"
Waist 34"
Biceps 16.5" (EZ I am 6’4")
Calves 15.5"
Quads 25.5"
Shoulders 55"
BF 12.77%

Goals on this cycle: To achieve a body weight of 240 lbs and stay under 17% BF (Lofty I know)
Long term goal - Lean Mean 240lbs by age 36.

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Frontloaded today…

750mg SUST in right glute that’s 3cc’s and it’s prob gonna hurt later haha! Wish me luck!

450mg DECA in left glute also prob gonna hurt!

I just took 40mg Tbol, no reason to frontload the Tbol correct?

5mg/week is a pretty unneccasary/hefty Caber dose - Do you have a reason to run it that high? I’d run 1mg/week, maybe 2mg.

Pct: the deca isn’t going to clear enough until week 13+, and the test til 14+. Start PCT week 14 and run for 6 weeks. Don’t bother with Clomid and Nolva. I’m a fan of 20mg/Nolv… But you also said “Taper” with regards to the test? SO which is it? If you taper then the Serm would be for after that or “during” while at or below 100mg/or so of test/week.

As fo rthe Caber, I love the extra sides from it…:slight_smile: And there’s no way I can cut the 20mg tabs into 20 equal parts.

I will add in Nolva/Clomid (all ready mixed)once I get below 100-150mg Test/week. Weeks 14-20 Thanks!

I find that when injecting large qtys… hitting the gym and moving those muscles helps eliminate that (A horse kicked me in the arse feeling).

It’s Saturday (Typically a day off for me)
But it’s awesome outside today and business is slow so I went to gym.

Bar 20 reps
135 12 reps
185 6 reps
225 3 reps
275 1 rep
300 1 rep
315 1 rep

Bent Over Rows
135 12 reps
185 8 reps
185 6 reps

Low Pulls (Cable)
160 12 reps
200 10 reps
220 6 reps

Incline Press (Hammer Strength)
2 plates per side??
12 reps
8 reps
6 reps

Mid Height Cable Crossovers
Not sure of weight it said 10? But it’s a level not a poundage
3 sets to failure

Standing Overhead Press
95 Lbs Barbell
35 reps (woohoo)

That’s it… Normal Training Commences Monday

Day 2 - Body Weight 223

Can’t stay out of the gym… so today a few exercises and some sauna time

Military Press
95 15 reps
135 15 reps
185 9 reps failure

Behind The Neck Press
95 15 reps
135 15 reps
185 8 reps failure

Front Cable lateral Raises
40 3 sets to failure

Side Cable lateral raises
40 3 sets to failure

Cable Face Pulls
80 3 sets to failure

Seated Shrugs Machine
225 3 sets to failure

Standing Shrugs Machine
315 3 sets to failure

Dbell Shrugs
85 failure
100 failure

44 bodyweight dips (one set to failure)

Bodyweight at gym says 228 post workout??? Holding some water??
Looking quite lean, and ungodly pump, barely recognized myself in the mirror while walking to sauna w/o shirt
I think i said “Amerika Fu*k Yeah” or something douchey like that, luckily there was no one else in the locker room.

Had a massive breakfast and am all ready on 3840 cals for the day.
Failed to mention earlier that I am keeping around 300g protein per day.

This diet is gonna make me a poor bastard, but I’m ready to roll.
Bought every Colossal 100 bar at Wally World today. I got 74 of them. At 4 a day that’s only 18 days worth!

Oh well, I do have a question? What’s the shortest esther in Sust? Is it Cyp or Ace?? I can’t remember.

Anyway… Hope someone is keeping up wih this. Before pics to come as soon as I locate the damn usb cable for my camera.


Good luck with your cycle, I’ll follow this closely. Im going to start an almost identical cycle in 3 weeks! It’s going to be my first cycle.


Razii, cool man! Thanks!

Weight today was 223lbs
Noting some definitie hardening, and vascularity increases.
Libido has been higher than normal, but not sexual predator status yet.
Just kind of notice myself checking out the teenie girls in the gym haha!

Fantastic, i havent read a good log in a while! Keep it up buddy, and best of luck!

Ok, going to be finishing up around 4600 cals for the day. And about 340g Protein between food and supps.

Regular Workout Today Chest & Tri’s.
*Please note that I work out with my fiance’ she’s shy but she’ll be on here soon. So cool to have chic that’s A. HOT and B. will spot you when you are benching 300lbs… UNLESS… Read on… J/K love you hun

Barbell Bench Press:
warmup 95lbs - 15 reps
135 - 8 reps
185 - 3 reps
245 - 3 reps
300 - WTF??? Ha I took it off and it felt very very odd!!
brought it to my chest and somehow through the grace of God god it re-racked…
Someone (not pointing fingers) forgot to put a 25lb plate on the left side, and instead of 2 (45’s), 1 (25), 1 (10), and 1(2.5) it has 1 extra 2.5 but NO 25… She misheard me soI accept responsibility. No worries no shoulder damage… Still love her, just told her to help me check everytime.
Ok so really 300
300 - 2 reps
315 - Failed… May have something to do with above??

Incline Dbell Curls
70lbs 12reps
80lbs 12reps
100lbs 12 reps (was feeling the rush)

Peck Deck Machine
120 12reps
170 12 reps
180 to failure 14 reps

Bodyweight - 24 reps
+45lbs - 12 reps
+45lbs - 9 reps
+45lbs - 9 reps

Rope Pull Downs (Tri’s)
85 3 sets to failure

Overhead rope extensions
85lbs 3 sets to failure (Cool new giantly fat rope)

Weighted Crunches - 130lbs 3 sets to failure
Back Extensions - 130lbs 3 sets to failure

Cable Side Bends
65lbs 3 sets to failure

20 mins in Sauna

Great ass pump again today!
Feeling energy without end.

Had some trouble sleeping but ended up getting 7.5 hours.

Off to dinner…

Until next time. Still looking for camera’s USB cable.

Ok, weighed in at 224.6 this morning.
Great vascularity and hardness to muscles.
I find I am going through a gallon of whole milk per day, just adding to my all ready high food bill.
Slept like a champ, approx 8 hours. I am falling asleep earlier and getting up earlier, which I prefer!
Today will be back and bi’s at the gym.

Hoorah! I received my initial order of Caber in 1mg tabs!
In just under 2.5 months! Ha, thought for sure that was a goner. It had been in NYC since 1/31.

So I will now cut my caber dose back (when I start it) to 1/2mg twice a week.

Def notice two vastly different sized ariolas from time to time… but that always happens to me. Right one grows to 50cent piece size while left stays at about a dime. Usually changes throughout the day. No sensitivity or soreness to speak of.

Wicked allergies today… first warm day of spring. Nasonex is $130 w/o health coverage… FUUUt that

Headed to gym…

Ok gym session was not good today… I shot in Delts today which sucked nuts BTW. Can hardly lift my damn arms. Anyway…
I am also a PT, and had a splitting headache before meeting client. I was able to get through his workout but felt really awful, like lots of pressure in the right side of my head.

Once he finished I started my own workout. Now allergies were out of control today, so I am thinking this may have caused it but anyway…

Back & Bi’s turned into just Bi’s because I just couldn’t take the headache. When lifting it got much worse, and I could tell it was blood pressure related. Are histamines ok to take during cycle? Allegra to be exact?

20 min cardio warmup
3.8 on tread

Preacher Curls (Very Strict Form & Full Extension) Hell on elbows… ALT Inside and outside grip
45lbs Warmup 18 reps
70lbs 12 reps
80lbs 12 reps
90lbs 9 reps (Failure)

Reverse Grip Ez Bar
45lbs 3 sets to failure

Seated Hammer Curls
45lb 3 sets to failure

By this time I felt like an aneurysm was exploding in my brain. So I rested about 10 mins.
Finished up with 35lb Concentration Cable Curls
3 sets to failure

Headed home.

Still a great pump and my strength was very high, I could have lifted so much more weight and twice the reps but the head was pounding. So… heading to bed now, hope it passes. Now that I’m not exerting myself it feels a lot better but NOT gone.

More tomorrow!

Weight upon waking 226.7lbs

Ok, just the Tbol today still at 40mg/ED

Soreness in Delts is still there though not as bad. I think I’ll stick to larger muscles from here on out though. I guess my delts don’t hold 1.25cc’s very comfortably.

Headache seems to be gone, won’t know for sure until I hit the gym here shortly.

I feel a bit sluggish, and am hoping my preworkout supp will give me a slight boost on the androgenic side. I feel like lifting heavy weight very slowly… Don’t know why or even why I mentioned it, but it is what it is.

I am picking up customers left and right so I am training more people and am pushing my own workouts later and later, but food is expensive so gotta do it.

Def have a hardness to me and not visibly holding any water, every large muscle in my body is very firm even at rest. Daddy Likey!

Any ideas why feeling so sluggish??

Will post workout later tonight!

Pretty sure no one is keeping up with this thread unless I post pictures… I promise they will be up soon.
Just ordered a new cable for the camera.

Feeling much better today, no headache prob overtrained a tad but felt the need.

SLuggishness seemed to go away after a low carb monster, hail Taurine!

Got Back and Abs at the gym.

Bent over barbell rows (Bent at 90degrees wrists facing forward)
warmup 95lbs x 15
135 x 12 reps
185 to failure 8 reps (Could do more but I stop when I start any driving with my legs)
225 to failure 5 reps (Good form no driving)

Face Pulls Cable
55 to failure
65 to failure
85 to failure

Dead Lifts (No belts no wraps or ties under/over grip)
135 x 12 reps
185 x 12 reps
225 x 10 reps
315 x 8 reps
365 x 4 reps
405 X 3 reps (Was fairly difficult, the higher reps in the beginning fubared my grip, i reset my hands once)

Seated Lat pulls
120 x 12 reps
150 to failure 11 reps
180 to failure 8 reps

Widegrip Pullups (Bodyweight)

  • I suck at these, even if I do them first I can only get maybe a dozen *

Hypers + 25lbs
3 sets to failure

Hammer Strength Low Pulls
115 (each side) 3 sets to failure

Hammer STrength High Pulls
155 (each side) 3 sets to failure

Hammer Strength Mid Pulls
115 (each side) 3 sets to failure

Back Extensions (Machine)
140lbs 3 sets of 25 each


Wood Chops High to low Cable
85lbs 3 sets to failure
Low to high
65lbs 3 sets to failure
Sidebends Using Cable
65lbs 3 sets of 35

Medicine Ball (throw&catch) Incline Situps
12lb ball 3 sets of 25

Seated weighted crunch
70lbs left 25
70lbs center 25
70lbs right 25

Weight post workout 228.9

225.9 this morning.
Allergy issue has turned into a sinus infection… Damnit!
Will try and train later today taking it easy for now.

232.8 at gym today pre workout Yes I’ve been eating good! Though I think the gym scales is around 3 lbs heavy.

Talked to a friend using same sust, and he says he keeps getting fevers and headaches from it, an dthat every injection hurts like hell for days after. Hmmmm… Sounds like my last 4 posts here. We have determined that it must have a lot of BA, any ideas on what to combat this with? I have been using around 1000mg Ibuprofen / Per Day spread out. It keeps the fever down and inj site pain down a little.

Camera is up and working will post pics on next post.

Today Was Legs:

Warmup 135lbs x 12 reps
185lbs X 12 reps
225 X 12 reps
275 X 8 reps
315 X 6 reps
335 X 4 reps
*Being tall I really do benefit more from higher rep squats. Plus being an old man, working at 1RM every week is out of the question.

Leg Extensions:
60 (single leg) X 6 each side
180 X 12 reps
70 (single leg) x 6 each side
220 X 12 reps
80 (single leg) x 6 each side
280 X 10 reps

Horizontal Ham String Curls
80 X 12
110 X 12
140 X 8
160 X 7 (failure)

Standing Calf Raises
Toes in 15reps
Toes Straight 15reps
Toes out 15 reps
(Repeat 3 times)

Seated Calf Extensions (My gym has a GREAT machine for this, FIRE in the hole!)
Toes in 15reps
Toes Straight 15reps
Toes out 15 reps
(Repeat 3 times)

Abductor (These help my squat!)
230lbs Stretched to nearly painful, friend assists in setting to a good stretch
3 sets to failure 15-25reps

3 sets of 25

40 mins cardio
20 On Elyptical Level 6
20 On Treadmill 4.6

Allergies were under control today as it rained. Ibuprofen kept my headaches in check.
Felt about 85% Healthy going into the gym.

Pics on next post…

Seriously nearly 400 views and only 2 posts from someone other than myself??
Where’s the love/hate?

Inspire me, motivate me, tell me I’m a fatass… Anything??

Cals today… a little high 5140 and it’s only 9:33PM
Prob gonna back em off a bit, I’m a healthy bellied man. This IS a bulking cycle!

I’m liking the log. I’m on a similar cycle right now, so its nice to see what someone else is gaining and how they are training.

As promised Pics, Taken Today (as close to “before” shots as I can get)