New Cycle Test/Deca/Tbol

All right finally everything is here… finally!
Got the future wife’s consent to start even though I get married in 50 days!

Ok here goes…
Weeks 1-12
Sustanon 500mg/wk + Taper

Weeks 1-10
Deca 300mg (I may up this depending on sides 1st timer) Not a great time for little Randizo to be tired!

Weeks 1-6
Tbol 40mg/Day

Adex EOD as directed :slight_smile:

Weeks 2-14
Cabergoline 5mg/week

Probably run weeks 10-16
Nolva/Chlomid Mix

Diet is gonna consist of approx 4500-5000 cals/day. For me it is impossible to eat that many clean calories, so the local “Cookout” will be selling a whole lot of Huge Burgers. I generally consume:

6eggs/2 cups grits/Bagel/Fish Oils/BCAA’s/Glutamine Powder/12oz Vitamin D Whole Milk.

Lunch will depend on a number of things but it will always be at minimum 2000 Cals.

Dinner Same as lunch though higher fats and lower carb percentages min 2000 Cals.
*This will be the healthiest meal of the day, Chicken, Greens, Whole Milk, Sweet Potatoes, etc…

(Snack times) total of 4 Metrx Colossal 100 Protein Meal Replacement Bars Daily 420cals each
*I know these are crap but they are also only $1.64 at Wally World and it’s a recession.

(Protein Supps) total of 3 Whey Protein Shakes between each meal (post workout)

Preworkout - A NOS Type stimulant based BCAA enriched thing that sounds like it would be used to hunt with…

Protein - 100% Whey

Postworkout - Laugh if you want but I got it for FREE, Anabolic Halo.

BCAA’s 3times per day
Fish Oils 3times per day

I am 34yrs old so this is nearing my last cycle other than the presumed HRT in the future.
I have been cutting down as lean as possible and am starting at 6’4" tall and 220lbs naked at early am wakeup.

All weight mesurements will be done in this same manner.

“Current” Stats: Though have been higher on cycle…
Bench 315lbs
Squat 455lbs
Dead 560lbs
Military 225lbs

Height 6’ 4"
Waist 34"
Biceps 16.5" (EZ I am 6’4")
Calves 15.5"
Quads 25.5"
Shoulders 55"
BF 12.77%

Goals on this cycle: To achieve a body weight of 240 lbs and stay under 17% BF (Lofty I know)
Long term goal - Lean Mean 240lbs by age 36.

Hey RDizzo,

Long time, the cycle looks good. I like the mix you got there. Numbers sure look good,
wish you all the best on this one dude.

Will you be making another quality “dizzo” thread on this?

It would be interesting imo.