New Cycle... Take a Look

here is my cycle…
test e 500mg/week 1-12
tren ace 50mg ED 8-12
taking HCG at the end at 500ui every 5 days to save my balls and good transition to pct…

14-16 pct will include nolva and clomid.

uh… is this in the right section?


So we looked, now what?

Why the tren ace at the end? Why the choice to use both nolva and clomid as pct and in what amounts? Also dont happen to like the hcg dose or frequency.

No AI?

my buudy told me to take it at the prolly just going with nolva as pct and maybe tribulus…what do you recommend as the hcg dose and i am not taking AI i was thing about taking armidex

my frieng bought alot of letro and bromo so if anything ill just pick some up from him,how do you recoomend taking these two products