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New Cycle. Stack/Duration Questions

I will be starting a new cycle soon. I plan to pin 250 of Test E twice a week. And pin HCG 3 times a week. Possibly for a duration of 15-ish weeks. PCT will be HCG 250iu-500iu EOD for 3 weeks and clomid for 4 weeks at 50/50/25/25. Does this sound okay? Looking for advice and opinions , anything is welcome.

Looks good. Start the clomid and stop the HCG 2 weeks after your last pin. Have an AI on hand just in case.

Can you tell me the benefit of doing it that way?

Yes, you need to wait for the exogenous test to clear from your system before having any chance of restarting your natural production. Waiting 2 weeks after your last test C injection will approximately put your levels into the natural range, once there you want to start getting your system fired up.

So instead of pinning HCG EOD for 3 weeks after last test pin just do 2 weeks then start clomid?

Yes. And please don’t forget your pre-cycle blood work. Then you have something to compare your post PCT labs to.

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So because I have to buy more to make this purchase, I would have enough for a 20 week cycle at 250 twice a week for 20 weeks. Is 20 weeks too long or is that okay? I’ve previously done a 16 week cycle.

So I’m starting a 15 week Test cycle soon. Was planning on pining 250 of Test E twice a week. But I came across a test mix of 30 mg of testoterone propionate, 60 mg of testosterone phenylpropionate, 60 mg of testosterone isocaprote as well as 100 mg of testosterone decanoate.

Obviously multiple half life’s will need to be taken into account. But Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of this mix vs me just using Test E….?

I think the advantage is more in the TRT world. If you dial in properly, you can inject less frequently. I wouldn’t use the mix personally. I think in a cycle context, you would have less stable levels, not more (mostly due to the amount you are taking, and not figuring out over time how to dial it in).

Test E is my go to. No need to make it complicated.


I have never experienced ANY difference between test mixes and test-e…
Theoretically you have some prop in it so its faster and then some slower shit so it works longer, but prop element doesnt mean shit after first injections as your T levels will stay elevated cuz of longer esters anyway.
I believe its just a “bro” concept that looks good on paper but doesnt really do much better in reality.

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You found sustanon. I don’t think much of it personally but some people love it. The problem, IMO isn’t the fact that it’s a test mix so much as the fact that the half life of the decanoate is somewhere around 10 days, so cycling off takes a long time, I think it’s better used as a blast and cruise compound personally.

Stick with the enth if you plan to cycle off.

Looking for some information and advice on how to use Stanozolol during a test cycle. Doses? How long to take? Do I take Stanozolol the same day as Test?

Any information would be great! I’m currently doing my own research but like to hear others advice that have the experience.

In addition to any info you get in this post.

reddit has Compound Experience Saturday. google stanozolol reddit cycle report.

you will find hours of reading that covers benefits, sides, cycle details and so on.

One thing I actually like Reddit for. You can find hundreds of thousands of personal accounts for various PED’s. Definitely not all the research one should be doing, but it does help seeing what some have experienced, good and bad.

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I use 30-50mg/day split into 2 doses. I usually don’t run it for more than 4 weeks. But you can probably run it for up to 8 weeks at the lower dose. I usually chicken out when I start to see symptoms with liver issues.

What type of symptoms are those?

The first ones I notice is my shit starts to turn grayish white along with just feeling flu like. If the whites of your eyes start to turn gray or yellow you should stop immediately, I’ve never went that far though.

Jesus Christ, crazy…
I have been doing 60mg up to 4 months with nothing like this, ever.
I would die of a heart attack if i would see something like this. Only sides simmilar i get is that when doing tren, my urine smells completely different, like rusty metal water or something(i could pee in someones tea and no one would think its actual urine) :smiley:

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I plan on doing a 15 week test cycle soon. 250 twice a week. But I’m going to have enough to do 250 twice a week for 20 weeks. Is that too long of a cycle? Or should I just increase dosage and stay at 15 weeks?

In my book, 15-20 weeks is completely fine. After that you can go on a cruise at below or around 200mg forever :slight_smile:

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