New Cycle, Questions

Hey fellas,

33 years old and have been lifting for 10+ years now with many, many cycles under my belt. Most consisted of test, deca, dbol, sust, and one involving anadrol and halo.

Anyway, began a new one thing week after being off for 6 months. 300mg prop and 400mg tren. Never used tren before.

Diet is dialed in, just doing some fine tuning to slowly strip away fat for the spring/summer.

Any idea on what I can expect in terms of body re-comp? Currently sitting at 220lbs, probably 18-20% body fat.

Depends. Tren is pretty much a cheat code for everyone who uses it, so it comes down to how bad the side effects are and how good your diet and training can be while dealing with said side effects. If you get the worst version of tren sides then everything will probably feel like an uphill battle. If you get sort of the weighted average of sides then you’ll shed a ton of bf and look great but feel meh. You never know until you actually get into it.

I wonder whether it’s actually ever “worth it” for the recreational gym rat to be using tren given this… Sure, you look great, many have a raging libido on it… but overall, the majority of men tend to feel… shitty, what’s the point of looking swole if you can’t even climb a flight of stairs?

Then there’s the element off systemic toxicity, trenbolone is far harsher than all other injectables other than perhaps an equivalent dosage of 7a methyl 19 nor testosterone (ment)… people anecdotally don’t feel as terrible on ment, but the notion of very difficult to manage side effects still pertains significance