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New Cycle Questions/Input


I am about to run a new cycle beginning early July. It is my fifth to date. I am currently in a "delayed cutting phase" if such a thing exhists. I guess in simple terms I am cleaning up my diet and watching carb intake, but not at a final 12 weeks type of dieting.

As it stands now, I am 5'10 230 at 11.7% (7 point caliper test). I have my eye on a show next April (my first show). I would like to get my bodyfat(by the end of this cycle) down to around 8-9% while at the same time not sacrifice muscle.

It would be nice to finally see some abs poke through. The cycle will include 500 mg test eth/week, 200-400 Deca, and 150 mg Winny Depo. I am interested in input on length of cycle and diet recommendations. Thanks in advance.


5'10 230 You are one big boy. What show are you doing?


The show I have in mind is The Canton Open Bodybuilding Championships held anually in Canton, Ohio. I believe it is a NABBA (SP?) sanctioned event.


Cliff is that you? If that's you I'll shit my pants.


cardio twice per day with training and low carb diet :slight_smile: add some primobolan and testosterone with arimidex, and you have a great combination.



Sorry Bro, but no Cliff here. You have some boys near Canton?