New Cycle Questions and Review

Hello I am 24 yrs old, 5’10, 215lbs, roughly 12-14% bodyfat, I have been lifting since I was 16 (with exception of 2 months due to ACL surgery). This will be my first cycle and I would appreciate it if I can get reviews, opinions, and any good advice that will keep me from doing something dangerous. Sustanon 250 is the only AAS I want to run for ten weeks. Cycle is as follow…

Week 1-10 750mg of Sust., 250mg Injections on Mon. Wed. Fri.

PCT starts 3 weeks after final Injection
PCT: Week 1: Clomid 100mg/Nolva 40 ED
Week 2: Clomid 50mg/Nolva 20 ED
Week 3: Clomid 50mg/Nolva 20 ED
Week 4: Clomid 25mg/Nolva 20 ED

I have Aromasin and Nolvadex on deck in case of estrogen related sides/gyno.
I am apprehensive about using Aromasin because I do not want to eliminate my estrogen completely or cause a rebound at the end of my cycle. Essentially, should I use aromasin at 12.5mgs E3D or wait until sides start showing? I would use 6mgs but I cant split the pills any smaller. Is this a solid cycle/pct plan? what changes would you implement? I would rather be told that I am wrong and take a mouthful than hurt myself or do something dangerous. Thank you for reading.

I’d rather risk my estrogen getting a little low than ending up with gyno that needs surgery.

Don’t be stupid. Run the AI. Everything else looks fine.

Thank you for your input, will the 12.5mg E3D be an adequate starting point or do you have other recommendations?

I think that’s a good place to start. I used adex, not aromasin, but I believe that dose is correct. I’m sure you can find other threads that talk about that though. Just use whatever the standard is.

Thanks again, I will double check it

I don’t understand why sust is so popular. The different half lives in the esters make for bipolar-like ups and downs in serum levels. If that’s what you want all well and good but personally I’d stick to a long ester.

Thank you for the advice with the aromasin, I cant accurately do 6.25 but I can do 12.5 daily. And as far as Sust popularity,…I can walk into any trusted pharmacy in the country and purchase quality Sust. I like it because it is easy, readily available, cheap, and legal. The pharmacies where I live have to special order other steroids (except Deca), and that comes with an equally hefty pricetag. So to me it’s just not worth the extra money.

Now on an entirely different note, My Sust shots have been incredibly sore starting about 6-12 hours after injection. I am rotating between 6 sites, and my deltoid is particularly sore after this mornings injection. I use a 23G 1.5" needle, I take plenty of time injecting and the injection itself is painless. I know people will say no pain-no gain and I agree for this. However, I am wondering what is causing this type of pain and how (if possible) it can be lessened or mitigated? I am open to simple solutions such as heatpads, exercising that musclegroup, stretching, etc. as well as cutting the sust, etc.