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New Cycle: Primo/Deca/D-Bol

Just going on a new cycle of primo deca dbol. Looking for around 15kgs gain in 10 weeks. im 23. 105 kgs, training round 6 years. bf high atm as i ate shit for awhile. training 1 muscle morning 1 muscle evning. going from 3500-4000 cal to about 5500 maybe 6k. also got 10-15 ml of stanazol and some clen. when is a good time to stick them in or leave them for next time.

2 ml decca/week
2 ml primo/week
and 20 mg d-bol/day
on a 10 week cycle probably.

  1. swap the primo for test
  2. don’t run dbol for 10 weeks
  3. run the test and deca for 12 weeks

Take time now to consider your PCT and estrogen control, don’t wait until you have to.

same suggestions as above but cut the deca at wk 10 and run the test for 12

primo is primotest not bolin so its ethanate. i will cut decca week 10 hear about that already. dont know why its good but ill do it anyway.

what about dbol… any suggestions ? 10 or 20 mgs daily and 4 weeks on 2 weeks off ?

The cutoff date for your deca is based on what style of PCT you are using and the clearence time of the deca. If you are planning on using conventional nolv or clomid PCT then the deca should be stopped several weeks before the test so that they will clear at about the same time and PCT can begin. If you use a test taper you can run the deca up until the stasis when all drugs will be cleared before you begin your actual taper off.

The dbol I would run 5 weeks at 30mg/day.