New Cycle, Pretty Knowledgeable But Always Room to Grow

Starting a test E vail is 300mg with tbol , doing 360 a week pinning twice a week, about 5 years training can lift pretty heavy (heavy for me). I weight 205 , 225 x6 120 db press x 8, 225 squat never really into maxing out, got my blood work done it’s was average not optimal “460” test for the amount of time I got to the gym and diet I don’t see much gains other than strength, so here iam doing a test e cycle and tbol, I did my first pin yesterday which was 150 because I planned on doing 300mg a week but I’m upping the dose next pin, I’ve been told this is a relitavly safe cycle, I’m just paranoid about the pct I have Clomid and nov on hand a aramasin for a Ai if needed I don’t really want to do the Clomid because my vision is already bad and I’m also thinking I don’t want my rock limp during pct, I live w my girlfriend n I’m always piping it down. I planned to do this cycle for 10-12weeks I would be adding the tbol probably in the final 6-4 weeks, pct plan was running nov only 4-6 weeks, just want some advice on this cycle I don’t want to abort and I don’t plan on it

From the data you posted, imo you’re not physically advanced enough to be taking anything besides creatine.

It seems like you made up your mind about everything so what advice are you exactly looking for?

Learn to write more coherently with correct grammar if you want better advice in the future.

Typically if you want advice you ask before you start doing something

This tells me your training/diet are not optimal.

Are you upping to the 360mg/wk mentioned above? There will be no difference between 300 and 360.

@rusty_hammer hammer hit the nail on the head. You are not ready to take gear.

Thank you for your honest opinion/advice

Please clarify. I read it as:

  • I barbell bench press 225lb for 6 reps
  • I dumbbell bench press 120lb (each) for 8 reps (at total weight of 240lbs)

Can you see how this seems odd? Dumbbells are usually more difficult to perform total weight than a barbell.


This is something Iam trying to figure out myself, I assumed my bench is just weak. Other people I’ve asked just say the bench is a different “beast” etc and that it’s more so about getting your form right. I can even touch the 125 db press flat for maybe 3 but the bench I just can’t pass that plateau.

OH man…where to start with this SAME type of post we receive on here, OVER and OVER…Jesus…

Well, it’s easy, as others have said, you have simply decided to “jump on the gear” in order to, I assume, “get jacked and huge” but you haven’t even said what your primary goal is from getting on a cycle (if I can call the above one)! You have not told us what your diet looks like, your training frequency or other details regarding it, you just told us about your “bench and DB bench” which, if you are looking to get “BIG”, should be way down on your list of things to improve on. Someone who has truly spent some time in the gym and moving some iron immediately knows the lifts and style of training needed for maximum hypertrophy that a bodybuilder pursues. These obviously would be squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, military press/standing overhead presses, Glute ham raises/stiff leg deadlifts…lifts like that build whole body strength and size. Yeah, training your chest is important but nobody thinks to focus on the biggest muscle groups in the body: your legs and back!!

I have NEVER seen someone with a wide, thick back or tree trunk legs NOT also have developed shoulders, chest, arms. Why? because if someone is smart/tough enough to endure brutally training their biggest, strongest, most visible body parts they sure as hell are gonna train everything else. I guess I’ll NEVER understand all the gym warriors who just care about chest or arms. That shit impresses NO ONE. If you want to truly be “BIG” and command respect among those of us who lift and lift hard and heavy, get a wide, thick, bumpy back and get crazy thick, flaring legs/hamstrings/calves!!! Whenever I see someone with those, I immediately know that guy isn’t just in the gym pussyfooting around and in my mind, he gets mad respect because I KNOW the kind of training, the heavy iron he had to be moving to build those up.

Fuck bench/db bench man, focus on your diet-eating 6-8 times a day, training 4-5x a week, and getting ALL of your lifts up, getting your weight up NATURALLY for a few more years and then, when the strength gains slow to a crawl, and you simply cannot gain any more weight through just diet, THEN you can consider if you want to take AAS. But before you do (and yeah, I know you fucking jumped on a cycle already without even receiving any advice-genius move), for the love of god at least research the shit out of these powerful chemicals you are thinking about introducing into your body, understand their mechanisms of action, how they interact with one another, their positive AND negative effects upon the body, and develop a rational, conservative cycle. BUT you SHOULD HAVE SET, DEFINED GOALS for your cycle before ever injecting yourself man.

But you’re already taking shit and you’ll probably put on 20 or so pounds from this, and sure your strength WILL shoot up and you’ll feel like king of the world, but then it will end and those “gains” will be lost down the toilet as you piss away the water retention and your muscles will slowly deflate and if you’re LUCKY you’ll have maybe added 2 or so lean pounds of muscle but probably 5 or more lbs of fat from your increased caloric intake (that is, IF you did what you are supposed to and increased your caloric intake while on cycle). Then you’ll feel down and depressed that you’ve lost weight, your strength has returned to almost the same as it was before, and you don’t have much to show for all your efforts. Then, what do you do???

Just think about this man, I’m not ever one to stop someone from taking AAS as I was young once too and I know the allure is strong, but I am simply trying to tell you that putting your body through turmoil for MONTHS (during and after) and not having much to show from it afterwards will really suck. You need to really do your research before just jumping on AAS like it’s some miracle drug that will magically make you “jacked” and thinking you’ll see the scale go up 20-25 pounds and that you’ll keep it----you will NOT. Especially with what you outlined “10-12 weeks of 360mg test and 4-6 weeks of “some tbol””…christ.

Good luck and I’m not trying to be an ass, I guess I just wish that people would use their brains and realize that this shit is NOT creatine, they are very strong, powerful hormones and have a myriad of effects upon the body and while social media or whatever the shit young people watch only shows guys with big muscles or whatever, it does NOT show all of the potential negatives to people. They just think they can take this and that and BOOM! You look like Arnold or some shit. There is A LOT that goes into looking and being truly big.


LMAO…rant over!

But wouldn’t it be nice if we could sticky my above post and use it to reply to ALL THE NONSTOP first time guy’s wanting to jump on a cycle posts?


Ok bro I hear you, I can clearly see you don’t want me making a huge mistake and I appreciate that truly, thank you. I guess I was vague on my post. I do all those exercises you mentioned above , I’m not just trying to have a big chest lol…believe me I don’t want to look like Johnny bravo. Let’s say I do take your advice I’ve already done my first pin 2 days ago do I have to do a pct now after a single pin? I’m only asking because I’m assuming so knowing that as soon as those exogenous going into your system you shut down.

I planned on making my dose 400mg a week pinning twice a week, pct would be hcg 500ui 3x a week and Novlax 4-8 weeks. Again I truly appreciate your feedback,

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Also I’m 26

No, just end it now. No PCT needed. You really need to get your diet/training situation in check before doing any of this. You are risking damage to your body.

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The larger (size) the dumbbell the more difficult it is to do full range of motion. You might be doing only a little more than a lockout. There is a fair possibility that you are relatively weak coming off of your chest. The barbell is allowing greater ROM, especially toward a full stretch of the muscles involved.

Having lived through the “how much can you bench press” era, I understand the desire to have a strong bench. I also competed in powerlifting, so it is ridiculous to think you can ignore your bench press. I get it. But the truth is there are many exercises that you need to improve.

It would be extremely disingenuous for me to say you are too young to start AAS. I started at 22 years of age. That said, it is, and always has been, a risk vs reward decision. Of course there is always the decision to stay clean, where the decision is more about principle than potential reward. It is your life.

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