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New Cycle - Please Help?


Hi I am a new member, hoping that i am posting to the right place.
I have been training 3 years - i am 5'11" 99kgs and i have done two cycles of Tri Test 400 - and Tri Tren 150 - with good results.

I have had a two month break and I am now looking to start a new course (below), I still have about 6ml of Tri-Tren left so i am going to incororate it into my cycle. I would appreciate comments as to whether this is a good cycle and if i should see some good gains quickly? I work out 5 times a week. I diet well. Lots of protein. I am prone to putting on fat very esaily and I do not want to retain water.

Course is

1ml Test Enanthate250/Equipoise 200 - twice a week
1ml Sustanon400 - twice a week
0.75ml TriTren150 - twice a week until finished.
4iu GetropinHGH - Daily

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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Your third cycle is nearly 2g of gear plus HGH? Christ.


And no mention of an AI. Good luck.


I agree with the other guy about the AI (please get some Exemestane or Arimidex or eat a handful of DIM tabs with every meal) but hey you determine the amount of gear you take. All we can do is give you guidelines to what has worked in the past, you are ultimately the one pumping in the gear. I say preload 800-1200mg of EQ and 800mg of test and then cut your weekly dosages in 1/3.

BTW, I seriously doubt that tren has 150mg/ml.

Some nice sounding gear you got there, reminds me of CL.. ;o)


Tri-Tren is 50mg of Ace, 50mg of hexa and 100mg of enant, but the different UGL's doses differently.
Atleast the tri-tren I got as a sampler (sold it), had the doses I mentioned.