New cycle (please critique)

Ok, I’m totally new to using tren but keep hearing how kick ass it is so I’m going to give it a shot. Here is how my planned cycle will go. Please let me know what additions or subtractions are needed. Thanks a bunch!

Week Cypionate Tren Winstrol tabs
1 1000mg 75mg/day 50mg/day
2-6 500mg 75mg/day 50mg/day
7-8 75mg/day 50mg/day

9 Clomid first day at 300mg and then days 2-14 100mg then day 15-whenever 50mg

I will take 250 i.u. of HCG Saturday and Sunday starting on week 3 until 8 subcutaneously

My questions:

  1. Is the 50 mg of Winstrol orals too low a dose?

2)Should I change the cypionate ester and if so for what reason?

3)Does Clomid have enough anti-estrogen properties to use throughout cycle and if so at what day do I start it?

  1. I keep hearing about spot injects for the tren but I’ve never done that before. Is it bad to inject into the glutes every day?

Everybody’s help is greatly appreciated. Thanks JustinP for giving me a baseline of knowledge to at least attemp writing this cycle.

Clomid does work as an anti-e. I start using my anti-e’s whenever i feel anything outside of normal with my nipples (they’ll start to itch) and thats when i start my nolvadex.

50mg/day of oral winstrol is a bit on the low side. The marginal benefit vs. cost of bringing it up to 75 should be worth it. Its ultimately up to you and what your level of experince is.

As for spot injections, you’ll get comfortable with them. They’re certainly not hard. Use insulin pins and load them up from the back with a bigger pin. You ideally shouldnt hit an injection site more than once every 4 days. You could make it work with just your quads by poking the upper and lower left and right, which would give you your 4 day clearance. You’ll likely want to try site injections though, and will give you pictures and muscle maps of how to hit pretty much everywhere you’d ever want to.

Good luck with everything

Just like Justin said, I don’t use any anti-e until I “feel” I need to use them.

I would bump your Winny up to 100mg per day considering that you are using tabs. If you choose to use the Depot, 50mg would be fine.

Spot injections are easy and convenient. I have used pins as big as 23g to shoot them. Just make sure you are always deep in the muscle belly and always ALWAYS use a new, sharp pin. Good luck.

i would add prop in weeks 7/8. no reason to drop the test after 6 weeks. also, IMO nolva is a superior anti-e in relation to clomid. i run my anti-e from start to finish. gyno is nothing to mess with. i would suggest taking 10-20mgs of nolva ED throughout. for a first cycle, you could probably get away with 50mgs of tren/ED or 75mgs/EOD. the winstrol dosage is fine. it may not hurt to bump it a bit. also, what are you stats? how long have you trained and how many cycles have you done? these are all factors.

Alright stats are 5’8" 185 lbs around 10% bf. I’m 28 years old and have been training since 15. Wanted to shred more than gain on this one as I feel like I am at my end at where I want to be size wise. I’m a fan of looking good but not freaky and distorted. This is probably my 5th cycle and my first involving tren. I plan to stick with anything out of the Denkall or QV arsenal to make it easier on my friend who’s going to Mexico. After looking at their websites I have a decent arsenal to choose from including: D-bol, Equipoise, Winstrol tabs and injectable, Test cyp, enanthate, and propionate, the tren, and an eye catcher but probably holds no place in Primobolon tabs 50mg. I’m looking to create a combination off these drugs and I plan to start May 5th. I have a 7 day cruise I’m going on June 6th so any every day inj for that week will have to stop as I’m not feeling ballsy enough to sneak it on board with my mom’s and pop’s walking right behind their beloved son. Anyway, the tren entrigues me and thats a definite but I’m kicking around just using it up until the cruise. If I do that then I’m a little unsure what can go in its place for the rest of the cycle. Equipoise, Primobolon, etc? By the way, a while back I did this Primobolon injectable/ Halotestin cycle and I swear it was one of the cleanest and quality cycles I’ve done. Any merit to that one? Also, I see Equipose gets a good rap on this forum and was wondering if it holds the same “limp dick” properties as Deca since I’ve always heard their so similiar? Any comments are appreciated. I’m not looking for anyone to write my cycle (unless you want to!) but just for some expert opinions on how to piece mine together. Thanks!

bottom line is wait until after the cruise. if you are going to use tren then dont just use it for half of your cycle. i plan my cycles around trips intentionally for this reason. it just doesnt fit in a cycle. just at the point you are peaking you will not be training properly. you will not be eating properly. you will not be sleeping properly. you will not be taking the appropriate drugs on schedule. if you want the most out of your cycle then you will have to pick your poison IMO. skip the trip or wait on the cycle.

One of the cleanest cycles that I have ever done was with D-BOl and Primo. The gains were modest but I kept every bit of it.

I agree with Drago cocnerning your trip scenario. Also, keep the Test in there as he stated. Prop is a good suggestion. The EQ in my opinion does not cause any limp dickitis. I love EQ.
Keep up the good work Bro.