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New Cycle, Please Critique


Hello nation. I am planning on running this new cycle please critique. It is a cutting cycle and I will run it along a 250mg test-e dose. This is not my first cycle.

10% bf
196 lbs
17" arms

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how tall are you? its nice when people leave their stats so we can get a vague idea of their level of development, but weight and measurements mean practically NOTHING without knowing the persons height


Im 6'1.5

I have a well developed upper body but crappy legs, although I have a lot of strength in them and hit them super hard. Any one know of any tips to bring up stubborn calves?



fuck no suggestions? I guess it's ok? I was wondering that the weeks I'll be doing PCT I will also be running clen and cutting. Will it be to much? Thanks.


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Well Bushy, you're in the wrong my friend. I did that cycle myself and took a screen shot to make it a .jpeg and post it in the forums. I have put a shitload of ORIGINAL thought and effort bro. If you find that exact same cycle somewhere please link it... thanks!