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New Cycle, New User


This will be my first actual cycle. Outside of this I ran some dbol and test before but that was at 17-18 years olater not knowing what I was doing and just thinking I was “cool” didn’t pct or anything smart like that. Now I want to run amy actual cycle. I’m 22 6 foot 3 at 215 maybe 15-20%bf this is the cycle I got and wondering on advice for pct and what not. Thanks in advance!


Weeks 1-12 on 750mg Test E might be a little much
Weeks 1-2 it’d be good to use 750mg of Test a week but after that I’d drop the dose down a little bit and let the tren do the work for ya. But not much lower, never lower than your tren, maybe drop it to 500-600mg per week (someone else can help me out here with the dosing)
Everything else looks pretty good to me. I like the exemstane. What’s your PCT looking like? Did you get any Tren-side affect drugs, like caber? (I believe that’s what it’s called). It can help with Tren dick if you get it.
You get bloods done?
And 15-20% BF might be a little high to run this cycle, are you trying to cut?

If you’re trying to cut I would just use 250mg of test e week for 10 weeks and hone in on your diet. That’d be much better and less hazardous than a full blown experienced tren cycle. But yeah I’d save the tren for a bulk cycle when you’re at a lower BF%


750 mg for 4 weeks is useless waste of juice, take 300-500 first 4 then up the dose dude. Read first line “this is for experience test user” if you are posting here for help you arent ready.


You literally went to Naps and copy/pasted the Advanced bulking stack… This tells me that there really wasn’t any research done. I’ll go ahead and tell ya, alot of guys who are “advanced” would NOT even run that much test. Tren on your first cycle??? HAHA might wanna do a little research on that one too. Tren is some grown man shit with grown man sides… Make sure you are ready for all of that. I love Tren… But you are not ready for all of that, especially as your first cycle. Did you research the brands you’d be using? Someone could sell you some shit in a bottle or some bunk ass gear… Luckily, GP is good stuff. YOU NEED TO DO RESEARCH!!! At 15-20% bodyfat, you might not wanna run a bulk cycle… That is pretty high. I’m not trying to be a dick…But if you are going to do something like this, you might want to take the right steps and run the right gear…Not just a pre-designed stack for “advanced bulking”.


Have u had a bloodtest lately?? At 22 if your natty test levels are in normal range why would you want to shut your natural supply down? Id keep after it natty for a few more years, atleast hit your natty potential. Just my 2cents…


copy and paste cycle, age 22… and doesnt even know an accurate reading of his BF% …lmao