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New Cycle, Need Advice! Sustanon 250


I am 23 yrs old at 186lbs been working out for about 7 years. This is my first cycle and here is what I plan on running. Advice, input and help would be greatly appreciated

Week 1-10: Sustain 250 500mg per week
Week 1-10: .25mg of proviron per day to keep gyro away
Week13: Start PCT (Not sure what to take here) Im thinking Clomid at 20mg per day. Not sure how long to take this though. Would appreciate help on a good PCT.


use an aromatase inhibitor to inhibit aromatase... (hint: proviron is not an aromatase inhibitor).

pct would be nolvadex 40/40/40/20/20

unless you are 5'7 and very lean, you don't know dick about training or dieting.. so id advise you to work on those before you start adding drugs into the equation.


.25 of proviron? Yep that should do it lol.. Not. Howd you come up with that?


Apparently Proviron used to be a thing before Clomid and Nolva were around.

Chase, you need to rethink when to use clomid/nolva...


Ive used fake sust 250 with great results. But no better than good quality test 250 etc.

My advice would be to get good quality test 250, as the chances of getting real sust 250 is slim. I found sust incredibly slow acting aswell, an enanthate esther is perfect for a first cycle. The deconate esther in the sust was just annoying!

Add in hcg 250 iu 2x per weekon cycle.

I use 0.5mg armidex eod but have been recommended nolva @ 20mg ed but yet to try it.

pct as suggested: nolva 40/40/20/20 and chlomid 50mg ed for first 2 weeks of pct.

If you dont yet fully understand the basics involving serms and ai's let alone how to implement hcg etc you are not ready to start cycling. There is so much info on the net and on this site alone.



This is a good example. Research done. Simple.


Well he shouldnt be using nolva or clomid in place of where hes using proviron anyway. .25 of proviron is completely pointless anyway. A normal dose is 50mgs or so and still will do little for estro conversion


Yes, you are right bro. I happily thought about serm not ai.
I shouldn't post without atleast 2 consumed cups of morning coffee.


Thank you for the advice i read the article and it was very helpful. I was wondering if the hCG was necessary? and what for


HCG should be used on cycle all the time. Without getting into the technical side of things it makes recovery during pct alot easier.

I personally do 250iu twice a week.

Again, knowledge on using hcg during a cycle is pretty basic stuff so I would continue to read through the forum posts and stickies until you are familiar with all the basics.