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New Cycle I Want to Try

I’m going on a cycle of sust 600 ew split Monday/Thursday, EQ 600 ew split Monday/ Thursday, Deca 300 ew split Monday/Thursday, Anavar 50 ed the last 8 weeks of the cycle and tbol 30-40 ed the first 4-6 weeks and its going to be a 20 weeks cycle. I am just wondering if the half life of deca and the half life of EQ are ok to split them 2 times a week or do I need to inject 3 times with them? I am trying to put on muscle bulk up for winter and keep as much gains as I can.

I also have my pct that is im waiting 2 weeks after my last pin starting hcg and hmg doing hcg 500 eod for 2 times then switching to 250 eod and use 5000 ui then start clomid 100/100/50/50 then the nova 40/40/20/20. I’m pretty sure the hcg will go for about a month with every other day. I was told to do the hmg for 15 eod for 10 days at the same time as hcg I have 150 IU of it. I was just wondering if anyone had anything to add to this or comment on it that would be great thank you.

Not nearly long enough between last pin and pct. both deca and EQ have crazy long half-lives.

Twice a week is fine.

so would 4 weeks work for that then?

Please post pics before you start the cycle and then after the cycle. Curious to see what you gain from using that much gear.

If possible could you break down why you choose the drugs you did and what you are looking to get out of the cycle? I know you put “bulk” but I’m curious what specific results you’re looking to achieve.

That’s a lot of gear and a long cycle for someone that doesn’t seem very knowledgeable on AAS. Half lives and clearance rates should be something you learn pretty early on.
How many cycles have you run and what compounds have you used?

Let’s see about 4 cycles first one doesn’t exactly count because I decided to end early when I was 22 and drunk instead of workout.

I’ve used tren a,sust, var, test e and test c

Let’s see pics

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I’m horrified.

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That’s a hefty load! What on-cycle support are you using?