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New cycle help

I need to do a cutting cycle in a few weeks after I finish my shoulder rehab. I have a source that can get me some British Dragon gear, which is a company that I’m not familiar with.

Anyhow, I plan on getting 100 tabs of 50mg Winnie and some 200mg/ml EQ. I’m thinking about doing 8 weeks of the Winnie at 50mg/day stacked with 10 weeks of the EQ at 200mg/week.

Any suggestions or comments? This will be my first experience with British Dragon and EQ.


where is the test and how long of a cycle at what doesing.
ps good luck with the rehab.

I’m not a heavy user and don’t claim to know a great amount, but from what I knew Test wasn’t a good one to use while trying to cut.
If that is incorrect, then I’ll add some Test to the whole cycle at about 750mg/week for 10 weeks…

The shoulder is some rotator cuff trouble. It’s been going on for over 2 years now, and the third orthopedist has finally found something. We’re doing the therapy first and if a month of that doesn’t get it, the doc is going to use a scope to go in and remove part of the bone to give my rotator more room to move without being pinched.
If I have the surgery, I know it’s going to suck, but after 2 years of hurting like hell I don’t care. I’ll do what ever it takes to make it stop hurting and let me lift some serious weight again. :slight_smile:

I don’t advice a heavy test cycle while recovering from a shoulder injury. If anything a little nandrolone, equipoise, and some proviron would be the best option. The nandrolone and equipoise for the anti-imflamitory and joint and tendon building effects and the proviron to counteract the loss of libido, and reduce estrogen aromatisation of the eq. Take it easy on this cycle and just focus on healing and strengthening that shoulder joint! The winstrol is a bad choice at this time as it actually causes slight breakdown of joint and tendon tissues.
hope this helps! Once you have fully recovered, then I would recomend you consider a real mass-building cycle!