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New Cycle Help?


Hi people
I have done a few cycles in the past and have had great results with test e and deca. I am just gearing up for a new cycle with some different substances and wanted to run it past you all to check if I’ve missed anything if you don’t mind.

Weeks 1-16 pharma blend 500 (blend of test cyp tren e and dros e)
Weeks 1-16 anivar 50mg day
Hcg 500 iu every 5 days from start until pct
Arimidex ed
Milk thistle and liv 52 ed
Weeks 19-22 Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolva 20/20/20/20 ed


You dont need Adex and Nolva at the same time. And you dont need them every day. Only on pin days. The dose for Adex is 1mg/100mg of Test/week


Sorry the Nolva is in the pct and the Arimadex I was going to use 0.5 ed to stop gyno


arimidex really shouldn’t be taken every day. just on pin days. like stud said. i feel like you ignored that.


Ah ok sorry guys i always thought it was needed daily thanks for the advice