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New Cycle Help

Background Male: 36, I’ve been lifting the last 20 years. Previous powerlifter. Now do more olympic lifting and crossfit type workouts. Bodyweight is now 182 lbs. Leaned out from the crossfit. I train twice a day 5 days a week. Looking to gain back some size and strength that will stay with me.

Lift #'s:
Dead 520
Squat 385 (needs work)
Bench 345
Front Squat 315

This will be my first real cycle, tried PH before and a home brew injectable like 5 years ago.


Sustanon 350: .5 ml (175mg) EOD, I beleive that equals to about 612 mg/week.

HCG E3D 250iu

A-dex .25 EOD

8 week cycle

wait 2 weeks then

PCT: 40/40/20/20 Nolva

So I was wondering, do I need to start the HCG right away or do I wait a couple weeks?

Also do I do the HCG up until around 3-4 days prior to PCT?

The HCG I keep refridgerated correct? You pin sub-Q as well…

Do I need to front load anything in the cycle or should it be fine the way it is?

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

I just want to make sure that my research is correct?

Try and run the sustanon for 12 weeks, even if you have to lower the dose slightly. The rest I’m not sure.

I was actually gonna try and do either 8 or 10 weeks. You think I should bump up to 12…

Yes keep HCG refrigerated and pin sub Q, and stop it a few days before pct. you can also taper your adex back the week prior too