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New Cycle Help?

Ok guys I need some cycle help here would like some advice from some experienced users please…This will be my second cycle my first cycle was a 12 week cycle of testosterone enanthate. I will be doing the same cycle only this time i would like to add a oral so i was debating on adding a 4 week kick start of Dianabol to the 12 week cycle of testosterone enanthate.

Im 23 years old an have been training for 8 long years the first 6 years were more for staying lean an strong for amature wrestling. But for the last 2 years i have lifted for sheer muscle an to stay in good shape. So any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.

I am going to continue to finish my 12 week program i am on with cutting before I am going to start my cycle this is what my stats were before i started the cutting program. For the cut I am using monster pump by cytosport, a multi vitamin, protein shake an a pretty clean diet.

Starting The Cut
Age: 23
Height: 5"7
Weight: 217
Body Fat: 25.6%
Arm Size: 15.5 in.
Neck Size: 16 in.
Waist Size: 41 in.
Calf Size: 17.25 in.
Tigh Size: 23.5 in.

Week 4 of Cut
Age: 23
Height: 5"7
Weight: 208
Body Fat: 23.1%
Arm Size: 15.25 in.
Neck Size: 15.5 in.
Waist Size: 40 in.
Calf Size: 17.25 in.
Tigh Size: 23 in.

After Cutting i would like my cycle to look like this…
Week 1-4 Dbol 30 mg. per day
Test E 250 mg. twice a week Monday morning an Thursday Evening
Week 4-12 Test E. 250 mg. twice a week Monday morning an Thursday Evening

I have my PCT planned as follows:
2 weeks after last test injection PCT commences with:
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/100/50/50

Thanks Everyone For Any Advice!!!

Wow man is your body fat a typo? Your post clearly says your diet is clean and in order and there is no way in hell with a body fat percentage that this true. You need to get of lower before cycling in my opinion espeacially of your planning on using the cycle for bulk. Your going to put on a little more fat if your eating to get bigger and stronger. Also being that “out of shape”# Dbol iscgoing to make you look and feel like a water ballon. It also is going to raise your risk of gyno and such.

I am not teanest guy either( 5’7" 225lbs 36-37in waist) but I would do everything possible to get down 15% atleast before starting… that’s my general rule of thumb your call though.

Right right my diet as of a month ago is clean it has not always been…I will make sure i lean up before any type of dbol…is there any other suggestions other than dbol for an oral you might have?

cycle and PCT are fine. Have at it my boy!

No not really Dbol for the price and effectiveness is unbeatable in my opinion.

I would lower your bf first before starting. Just me though.

So you guys would suggest this over a test cypionate an winny oral cycle?

[quote]Datri24 wrote:
So you guys would suggest this over a test cypionate an winny oral cycle?[/quote]

There is such a small margin of difference between Test E and C it wouldn’t matter. As for the Dbol and Winny your asking to huge different questions here. You need to know what your goals are for this cycle specifically to answer it. Winny and Dbol have their similarities but they both work and accomplish two different goals in two different ways.

Dbol pro and con- great strength increase, great weight increase, awesome. Extra bloat( people and con depending)
Winny pro and con- not as great a strength gain, lean weight increase, little water retention.

These are only a few visual difference. Inside your body the pro and con list goes on and on… do your research.

What method did you use to measure your bodyfat?

Ok here are my goals i am looking to gain some quality muscle along with leaning out some.

Go with Winny. It would serve as a better drug for your goal. Winny is not a fat burner alittle of people believe it is. But it will def be easier to cut while on winny than the dbol… atleast from a water and hardness stand point.

Ok but how would you cycle the winny to get the most out of it during the cycle?

Personally ( this kinda a advanced technique and probably a little controversial here ) but I would run 50mg for first 4 weeks as a good kick start, be off four weeks, then finish with the last 4 weeks.

This is just me. If you can only financially do one or the other use of as a kick start.

Being that this is going to be my first time doing an oral i think im going to do just the first 4 weeks as a kick start an my next cycle i will do the 4 on 4 off 4 on with the winny…so i should do 50 mg a day?

although i did have a relative that did a 12 week cycle of test e an 4 week kick start of dbol at 30 mg an it had actually leaned him out. That was the only reason i was even debating on using dbol as my oral choice.