New Cycle & Goal

I just bought the gear I need to start my next cycle. This cycle is meant to give me a boost in overall power. I have no desire to gain a lot of weight; That’s why the duration and volume of steroid involved in this cycle will be kept low. The steroids will be: test cyp.600mg per week, dianabol 25mg per day, Proviron
50mg per day. This cycle will last 6 weeks.
I am a powerlifter and sprinter. I’ve always specialized in the benchpress and have reached a 1 rep max with 495lb @ a bodyweight of 230lb. I cannot go super-heavy on bench anymore because my left shoulder is injured and I feel discomfort when I go over 350lb. So instead of maxing-out I would like to increase the amount of reps I can perform with 315lb. I picked this weight because it’s not too heavy and it’s not too lite. I can usually do 15-16 reps on a good day. I plan to get to 20 reps with this cycle. I also hope to run the 100m. in less than 11.5 sec. I routinely run it in the 12.0-12.2 second range. Hopefully this cycle will help me acheive this goal.

honestly 6 weeks of cyp isn’t going to help you a ton. I would extend it to at least 10 to get the full benefits outs of it. Or sell your test cyp. and and get some test prop at 400-500mh/wk . that would be a much better cycle if you want to keep it short.

Might I ask about your motivation for including d-bol? For strength only gains I’d think something like anavar or winstrol would be better suited. D-bal is pretty potent with noted water retention effects.

Test and d-bol. My bread and butter. I have used this combo often with great results. Of course I was using more test and more d-bol than you propose. But the cycle was short as well. I would run the d-bol for 6 weeks and then test enthanate for 8. I always felt great and power numbers went up.

However, I think that you are going to grow more than you want, I always grew well, and I would bloat a bit (even with 10mg tamoxifen citrate/day), but I didn’t mind much because my joints felt good … helped to throw around a lot of weight. I have never used proviron, don’t know if this will work better.


I would run the Test Cyp longer to get the full benefits. That’s just a personal preference. You wont really notice it’s effects until week three or four. Did you consider Test Prop?


Taking the test cyp along with the D-bol will make you gain more water(thus weight gain) than you might think. I would suggest taking 400mg/ml of test cyp for at least eight weeks if not ten weeks. Also, what about your post cycle therapy? You are going to need an anti-E to ease your hormone ratio as well as some type of testosterone booster.

Tren would be your best option I am not sure why no one has suggested this.

I always prefer short cycles since I feel I recover a lot faster after the cycle is over. Long cycles always made me feel shitty for months after even with post-cycle therapy.
I decided to include the Proviron in an attempt to keep the bloating under control and thus the weight gain. The last time I used Proviron in my cycle I felt less bloated and had less sexual side effects.
I have HCG and tribulus as post-cycle therapy. I know a lot of people think tribulus is worthless, but I get a PROFOUND response from it like: swollen testes, massive libido increase, and major energy increase.

I would never consider using tren again since the last time it made me feel like plunging to my death from the top of tall building(I got depressed).