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new cycle critique

ok I’ve posted some cycles before and have narrowed it down to this. I plan on trying a 8 week cycle:

week 1-8: 100mgs of tren/prop ED
Week 1-8: 200mgs cypionate a week to balance out T levels.
week 1-6: 30mgs of dbol ED

and throught the cycle i have some liquidex and will be doin .5mgs EOD.

now i have enough tren/prop and cypionate to last for 10 weeks. would a 10 week cycle of all that be too much? any help would be appreciated. thanks guys

“week 1-8: 100mgs of tren/prop ED”

do you mean 100mg of tren and 100mg of test prop per day?

eyea its a blend of prop and tren with both at 100mgs each

ok, then what is this about balancing out t-levels? your already on 700mg of test per week.

“200mgs cypionate a week to balance out T levels.”

I am pretty new to these things so I was wondering what the reason for the addition of 200mg Cypionate? I didn’t understand what you meant by ‘balance out T-levels’

Surely you are using Test. Prop already and if you needed more test you could just up the dose?

well a buddy of mine that is well versed in gear told me that just 200mg cypionate or a 250mg of sus added per week would “balance out my T-levels”. thats what he said so i was goign by that. think i REALLY need it?

I’m guessing he ment that by taking a longer acting ester (cyp or sust) you’ll have less fluctuations in your test levels since the prop has a very short half life. Might have some validity but I don’t think it’s necessary. You’d still do REAL well without it. JMO.

yeah Wideguy i just talked to him again and that’s what he meant by saying i should add the cyp once a week. but otherwise i’ll do pretty well? i might just hvae ot save it then. thanks

I would


how would blood levels fluctuate if using prop at 100mg per day?

I don’t think they would. However Johnny’s buddy thinks they will which is why he suggested the cyp. BTW is he selling you the gear too? Just curious. Like I said save the sust or cyp for another cycle, you’ll grow plenty fine off tren,prop,d-bol.

no he’s not the guy that sold it to me. he doesn’t even know the guy (as far as i know). he just knows his shit and helps me out when i need it. i should get fairly lean off this cycle too from all the tren shouldn’t I??

Depends on your diet. But yes, prop/tren = little water retention and tren can cause some pretty decent vascularity from what I’ve seen. The d-bol might bloat you a bit so I’d run some femara or ari along with it to keep water retention down.

Oops I forgot you already planned on using the liquidex that will work too.

yeah drop the cyp. if anything just up your dose to 125mgs/ed of the prop/tren. but, 100 should be more then sifficient for you.

Personally I don’t see any reason to drop the cyp. It’ll just get ya a little closer to a gram a week without pushing up the tren dosage. The tren prop blend could be painful, depends who made it, so make sure you put the first one in a glute. I’d drop the cyp at the 8 week point if your gonna continue through 10 weeks. If your gears good and you know how to train and eat you should be able to acheive some real good benefits from this cycle. If you do it this way you can start clomid right away when finished…

yeah spook the tren/prop does hurt, but it’s somethign we all live with right? and just for your info, on my past cycles I try to eat around 4000-4500 calories a day with a steady 300g protein and 400g carbs…think that should do?

Yeah, I don’t like to overeat though. I never do “bulk” cycles per se. I always eat enough to grow but always keep an eye on my bf level to make sure it doesn’t rise. When it does I go into “cutting” mode right away. Thats just me though, I weigh in at a consistant 205-210 and want to stay there. I’d rather stay fast, and look good.

johnny, you could always cut your gear with sterile oil. that works wonders for me. most of the propionates hurt me bad. but if i cut it 1 for 1 then i get zero pain. i always cut now.