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New Cycle and Test Taper Success

Hi all,

I’ll keep this brief as possible.
I was on and off (4 cycles or so) gear for around 1.5 years, I recently came off gear about 6 months ago.
I did a test taper to 100-200mg/wk for at least 6 weeks prior to completely coming off. Once my Nolva came I stopped the test and took nolva 20mg/ED for 2 weeks (only half came as some was lost in shipping).
After 3months from stopping test I got my bloods done and I’m completely rebooted and feeling good, slightly above mid range test. Seemingly easy considering the time on gear and poor PCT… I think the Test Taper came be attributed to this.

I now plan a cycle of 800-1000mg Test-e/wk for 15wks and winstrol 30mg/ED, then ramping the wini up towards the end whilst lowering the test to 600mg. Using Adex as well…

Any one used Heavy test and Wini, thoughts and results??

Point of this post is to bring the Test Taper method back to PCT, I believe it helps stabilise bloods for pct to transition smoothly.
And peoples thoughts on my planned cycle

And also how much AI have you guys used for Test-e at 1g/wk?? I’m thinking Adex 1mg EOD and nolva 20mg 2or3 times/wk