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New Cycle and Goods Advice


Greetings from the RSA. Yep Republic of south Africa lol

Was looking for some advice on a new cycle.

Ok lets just start with the stats before I get flamed.

6ft6 (1.98m)
260 pounds (118kg)
Been lifting for 5/6 years have been playing competitive rugby for around 15years.

Was at 88kg before I started really training and eating to increase weight and I sit on a nice 118kg.

Not a noob at juicing have done 3 cycles before. More trail and error of you really have to know. Too many people have opinions when the actually should
Get in the gym and get under the bar.

I went through a couple of fases . Tried the fitness model thing (felt wimpy), Went over to strongman but I donâ??t have enough weight on my frame for it( IMO ) lifted some stones flipped some tires and pressed some logs. And finaly decided on getting big. Read 27 reasons to get big on TNATION and I was like hell yeah 6ft6 300LBs here I come.

Previous cycleâ??s where the following.

1st cycle was 40mg DBOL (blue hearts if im not mistaken) for 10 weeks. Picked up A LOT lots MOST of it but still felt good. ï?? Amazing how some bloted mucles can make you feel.
Never did a pct (lack of knowledge).

2nd cycle was dbol,deca,sust . Was my favourite cycle by far.!!! Changed my to hexagon dbols @ 30mg daily + 1ml sust and 1ml deca weekly. Was a 12 week cycle but got
Over confident and bust my knees with a 440lb squat. Yep stupid I know. So ended up with a 8 week cycle. Did some clomid for 4 weeks and kessar for 3 weeks as I felt some gyno in one nipple.

3rd cycle cycle was dbol,deca,sust again seeing as I had 4 weeks left from the previous cycle I added and did a 12 week cycle of the same thing. Ended with a kessar and clomid pct again.

Im still not huge but I picked up a huge amount of strength and size compared to what I was. 88kg â?? 118kg (190lb -> 260lb) over a 3 year stretch might not be the biggest or best but I feel good and thatâ??s all that counts.

So now that I hopefully wont be flamed for not having an intro here is my question.

I want to go on a new cycle .

Im thinking of something lighter on the system with less water retention. Not looking to go dry out my tendons with winny lol was thinking a anavar only or maybe a sust only cycle?

Never tried anything else so any suggestions will be appreciated.






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