New Cycle and Diet

My latest update is this, let me know what you think:

100mg Tren A E/D Weeks 1-4 and 13-16

300mg Tren E E3D Weeks 1-13

250mg Sustanon M/W/F - Weeks 1-13

100mg Test p E/D - Weeks 13-16

100mg NPP E/D - Weeks 1-16

100mg Anadrol E/D - Weeks 1-5

25mcg T3 E/D - Weeks 1-16

100mcg T4 E/D - Weeks 1-16 (hypotyreos)

25mg mk-677 ED - Weeks 1-16

0.5 adex EOD

0.25 caber EOD

20mg nolva ED

500iu hcg EW

Im 250, so im planning to eat around 5k cals. With a 40/40/20 split. I can train how much it takes, i can do as much cardio as needed. I can do whatever it takes in any aspect, i have a strong mind.

My current split is:


I dont eat shitty food. Only eggs, oats, chicken, wild rice, sweet potatoes, beef. Very boring diet but idgaf, im here for the results.

Im thinking abt putting

Npp 100mg ed weeks 1-4,13-16

Deca 300mg e3d weeks 1-13

What do u guys think abt my short/long esther split?

Im 250, 6’3, abt 15%bf, around 25yrs olf


Also any other comments?

I’m not the guy to answer the dosage questions, but on the diet…

Couple of suggestions…

Take the beef lightly and add some good ole omega 3 rich fish in there…talapia, cod, salmon, etc…

I when I first started dialing in my diet, my macros were right on the money and I was seeing the right results, but my cholesterol started shooting through the roof because I had too much beef and pork. Just be mindful of that.

If you’re in a P/P/L mode, I would recommend that you arrange it into a 4 or 5 day split. Something like…PLPP and then ad a core workout on the off day. Cardio 3x a week around 30 min.

For example,
Monday - Chest / Cardio
Tuesday - Legs
Wednesday - Core / Cardio
Thursday - Back/Biceps
Friday - Triceps / Shoulders / Cardio
Sat / Sun -Off but stay somewhat active—hiking etc.

This way you stay active throughout the entire week instead of having more off days with a traditional 3-day PPL. Easier to stay motivated if you create an every day routine. If you can, post your blood work and these experienced guys can more accurately help you on the doses. It looks like a pretty common set for what I’ve read (except for I think 16 weeks may be a little on the long side), but that’s all subjective. It can change drastically depending on your blood work.

It actually would have been easier if you had listed the drugs you’re not taking.

That’s quite a cycle. Are you competitive? Experienced juicer? That’s a TON of money and the T3 and T4 can mess you up pretty bad. Not to mention the Tren. I LOVE tren but it can wreak havoc on your mind and emotions.

3.45g of gear for those first five weeks. 2.75g after the anadrol is dropped. And your question is if you should add more? Serious question: are you actually this irresponsible or is this just schtick?

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Did quite a few changes. Im now doing this: 1g susta ew, 700npp and 60dbol.


Be prepared for possible gyno on the Dbol. Its pretty well known for that. Why Sust and not Test Ethanate? The NPP should be pinned 2x a week. Make sure you protect your liver with some NAC and milk thistle

Ye, adex should do it, i think ill need like 0.5 adex ed. For the first 6wks. Maybe 20mg nolva ed

If you go read @physioLojik’s Cycle Log. He is an endo who doesnt like Adex at all. Only Nolva.